Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Exploiting September 11th

EDIT: Pictures are back up!

Not to sound insensitive about that event but some people have to seriously give it a break. I don't mind the banners and the stickers and the flags and the icons but some of the artwork is getting downright ridiculous.

If you have something thought provoking to say, then say it. If you are artistic, show it. But don't try to get political.

But most of all, please don't bring religion into it!

Jesus was the original inspiration for the Space Shuttle.

I feel terrible about what happened to all of the people affected by those violent murders but these pieces of..."art" make a mockery of it. They make it seem funny.

Bawl Eagle.

Can Eagle's even cry? I mean, did he have a nest up there? Is he crying because the species responsible for driving Eagle's to near extinction are killing each other?

This is a mural called, What if Jesus get deported?

Here is another one exploiting poor God and religion. Do you think Angels give a crap what happens to the United States specifically? We are the world's biggest sinners and polluters. You honestly believe there is an American Flag waving in the Heaven you believe in? Doesn't your own religion teach against such favoritism? What scares me most about religion is how their own followers don't really understand its teachings.

Jesus has laser vision like Superman!

Somehow it makes sense to these people that Jesus would shed a tear for a country founded on war and bloodshed.

Party at Jesus' crib!

Jesus again making an involuntary cameo. Everyone who died goes to heaven. Regardless of what you were doing or what you did in your lives. Trained killer? No problem. Child sodomizer? Come on in.

This guy should get Jesus and Mary on his pex and make them dance.

This one is supposed to make the guy doing him from behind when he drops the soap feel guilty.

What would a Messiah seriously think about this? Oh a tattoo? You must mean business. You must be a REAL believer. Nothing speaks truth like ink. Ink, after all, speaks louder than actions.

Of course, what am I to expect from a world with a country that would stand idly by as an entertainment figure could pose for a blasphemous picture like this, defecating over their most treasured belief.

If you listen to Kanye's music backwards, it actually makes sense.

These works were created to allow the hearts of those who stayed behind to rest at ease. Some would argue religion itself was created for that exact same reason.


Brenda said...

I'm here via That's My Answer. Very interesting topic. You do bring up a very good point. I feel the same way every time a "miracle" comes up--such as Mary's face in a potato chip or something of that nature. I'm a born again Christian, and completely believe in miracles, but a potato chip? I think there are better ways!
Thanks for making me think!

HektikLyfe said...

Oh man that's another story altogether. It really strikes fear in my heart that there are people out there that see "Jesus" in objects like tree bark and tortillas. You seriously have to have some sort of mental deficiency!

What purpose does that serve? Why would God or Jesus appear in a tortilla? Its a shame that these people don't understand their own religion well enough to know that making an arbor themed cameo would serve no purpose.

Farhan said...

Jesus Christ is such an important figure for so many people. He is the son of God in Christianity (correct me if I'm wrong) and a prophet in Islam. And yet people go ahead and draw his pictures. We don't know what he looked like, so why draw him in the first place? Especially on these useless 911 drawings.

Suzy said...

Well people love to mix goverment with God. Jesus (the son of God) said his follwers would be no part of the world (worlds affairs) his focus was on the Kingdom of God (think of what the lords prayer really means)and the blessing it would bring to mankind! He spoke of a globel praching work. Thats what Important but Satan has blinded the minds of people so they can be disrtacted by Working more then they should,living up with todays life styles,Crime,sickness,death, all the things God kingdom can if. and will! (Ps 37:11)(Rev 21:3&4)(John5:24&25)

Iris said...

All I can say is tsk tsk tsk

HektikLyfe said...

>Farhan: As far as I understand it, yes. Jesus is supposed to be the "Son of God." Although in typically cryptic manner, they refer to him as part of the Holy Trinity which is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. To me that smells of MAJOR Pagan influences but whatever. Some people like to refer to Jesus as God in the flesh. Not quite the son of God but God himself.

One of the major "laws" that I recall were that the followers were not allowed to create an engraved image of God. Since Jesus was God, how could they then walk around with Jesus dead and bloody on their chests. Sure you can blame it on the reminder of your guilt of original sin but it felt morbid to me. More like a celebration than a reminder. Drawing Jesus is just as bad in my mind.

And drawing him ugly is even worse.

>Suzy: "Jesus and his followers would be no part of the world worlds affairs..." Yet they continue to get involved with supporting political figures, movements, laws and accept tax breaks.

"Satan has blinded the minds of people so they can be distracted by Working more then they should..." I see what you are saying here, but I firmly believe that work itself is not to blame. Being hard working is a great trait many of our people don't have. Laziness to me seems the greater sin. GREED however, I can fully vouch for. Working and working other people to the bone for the sake of your own greed seems downright evil to me. I refuse to shrug the blame of on Satan though and choose to lay the blame on myself for being a faulty human being. Taking responsibility for your own actions is one of the greatest traits taught by many if not all religions.

You completely lost me on that last part. Do you mean God's kingdom can get rid of all those things? According to the Christian/Catholic faith isn't God's Kingdom Heaven? Isn't that on another plane where we can see or visit whilst still alive?

Sarah Jane said...

I never knew anyone to put this opinion into words before but now that you mention it, hey, you're right. These drawings are silly (that is the extent of my vocabulary). They're meant to manipulate, as if actual photos aren't enough to convince you of the importance of that day in history. Without intending to be, they are disrespectful.

HektikLyfe said...

Now I'm no stranger to "disrespectful" but I have to point these out to justify my smile when I see them. I'm not trying to be a jerk or disrespect their religion, the contradiction just entertains me.

Speaking of disrespect, for those of you that haven't noticed, I left little notes on the images if you let the mouse rest for a second. ;)

Davis said...

You have to recognise that religion is a form of human weakness. We search for something bigger than ourselves to gain a perspective on our little lives, to seek hope, for comfort, to regain balance in our lives(if simply by praying/meditating) and sometimes as an excuse, for example Christianity teaches that we are born sinners(original sin) which we must forever repent and that we are expected to sin and commit bad deeds.
Even atheists have been known to seek religious guidence if they are ill. If you know you are going to die you might seek out a religious after life as a form of hope and to soothe your worries. Religion is not unnatural.
These pictures relating to 9/11 are just that, humans for searching for something bigger than themselves etc. . .so let these people find their religious niche so to speak, whatever makes them feel better and does not harm anyone else.

But the cover of Kanye West is a little weird - though it is jut a pun on the film.

HektikLyfe said...

I wouldn't necessarily agree. If you choose to see religion as a "weakness" I can understand where you are coming from. But I would think that religion itself is a "solution" to the weakness.

A solution to the lack of inner strength to deal with fears or lack of willpower. They use religion to give them that strength. So I can't blame them for that. Whatever works. Take the few remorseful criminals that don't commit crimes out of religious guilt and not out of fear for legal repercussions. There are a few out there and for that reason alone I respect its existence.

Drugs for example. I wouldn't blame drugs or call them the weakness. Its the choice of the individual to feed off of the services that each provides.

As for the drawings, I don't have any problem with the drawings themselves. I am justifying my view of them. If you publicize them or post them, show them off or even sell them, you put you and your "art" out there to be judged.

Does it make them feel better to tattoo it on their backs? Really? If they feel better by selling their drawings on a t-shirt then they seriously need to think about what religion means to them.

It doesn't harm me directly but it does make me feel guilty. I like to think I respect people and their beliefs so when I see something that looks like a freakin' joke I feel guilty. Especially since it is supposedly important to someone. I would imagine that true believers of that religion would feel the same.

If Kanye was dressed as a Jewish guy or a Taliban we would never hear the end of it. I think people are just desensitized to disrespect towards specific religions these days.

Iris said...

I'm reading the little notes you left on the images... :)