Friday, August 8, 2008

Movies - The Dark Knight

I am a Tim Burton fan. I like the Edgar Allen Poe style darkness he employs in his movies. The painted dark circles under the eyes, the contrast with the bright colors and the humorous villains.

That said, when I heard they were reinventing the Batman series I was a bit aprehensive. When Tim Burton did not return for Batman Forever I thought the series went down the drain for good.

My wife and I saw Batman Begins without watching any previews. I questioned the casting. I did not like pucker face (Christian Bale) as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

He seems more like the Riddler than Batman. Near the end of Batman Begins they hinted at a sequel including The Joker. The Joker is arguably the greatest comic book villain ever created. He seems to be the most believable. The only character with an excuse to dress up the way he does. He's psychotic and funny a combination which comes across great on film.

When I heard they had cast Heath Ledger as the Joker I was a little concerned again. When I heard he died, again I was concerned. It was a very sad thing when he died, it was drugs, but it was still sad. Could "Patrick" play this complex and wonderful part?

Turns out he can. And damn well.

This movie was great. It was a lot of fun to watch. It was a bit predictable but how can it not since we've seen so many iterations of this same story. There were a few surprising twists believe it or not.

I did NOT like "Guyliner" (Nestor Carbonell) in this movie. I don't remember a single line he said. I was too distracted by the lines on his eyelids. Having previously play the part of Batmanuel on the Tick, I thought it was silly to have him in this movie.

Some of the conceptual designs for the Joker were really interesting to see too. It hinted at a darker Joker then previously shown which as a previously mentioned fan of Tim Burton, I appreciated. It would have been interesting to see him this way.

All things considered, this movie was great fun, long enough for you to feel you got your monies worth and a great addition to the small stack of good Batman movies. I was hoping to see the Joker return as a recurring character in the coming sequels but if he does, how will people feel about someone else playing the part? Even if they do a good job will the news media betray their current favorite Hollywood tragedy?

Do NOT miss this theater experience.

Out of 5 stars...

Not a "PERFECT" movie, but does it need to be to watch it? Did you guys see it? Did you see the Watchmen trailer? What are your thoughts?

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ryanmortinson said...

i enjoyed the new batman movie. i really appreciated the "dark" aspect compared with the earlier cheesier (though still enjoyable) batmans.

just watched the Watchmen preview because you mentioned it. i have no previous knowledge about the graphic novel, but it looks amazing. definitely gonna have to keep my eyes out for it.

i'm a sucker for superhero movies.