Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I think of myself as a patient person, relatively non-violent. I haven't been in a fist fight since High School and that wasn't my choice. (I didn't throw a punch until the person who I thought was my "friend" had already thrown three.)

I wouldn't ever consider shooting someone with a gun under any circumstances. Unless of course they broke into my home. That experience has the potential to turn many peaceful individuals into potential murderers.

Why shoot to kill? Do you honestly want that guy to come back? Street muts can't be taught new tricks. You can't teach an ignorant urban jungle manimal civility. Even correctional facilities can't do it. You think getting caught and you begging them to go away and never come back will set them straight?

No I don't think murder is ok but sometimes you run out of options. Do you live in fear for the rest of your life? Never knowing when this moral lacking leech of society will return to take or hurt what is rightfully yours to protect?

What about you? Do you think self defense justifies murder?


ryanmortinson said...

when i was 13, somebody broke into our family car around midnight. while my father fumbled for his glasses and baseball bat, my mom chased the guy up the street in her night gown with a cordless phone in her hand. i think i'm still in awe of her. he got away from her (though what she would have done if she caught him nobody knows), but the cops did catch him later.

i guess my point is... even though it was just a baseball bat, my dad didn't have time to get to it. if he had a gun, it would have needed to be loaded and within reach. you just can't do that if you have curious kids in the house. I would rather lose my TV and some cash than have my child accidentally shoot himself.

PS your labels for this post remind me of "Demolition Man" but backwards

HektikLyfe said...

Not to put your mother down but it seems strange to me that a criminal would run away, from a woman in a nightgown. What neighborhood was this in? Rape and murder is high in California. I wouldn't want my wife anywhere near a criminal.

I agree with your point if that were the case. If the choice was between those two extremes.

I believe it all comes down to education. First you keep it out of reach before the child is capable of understanding. When the child is older he is taught to understand the deadly power of weapons which he may even see on a daily basis. (I saw guns in kids lockers at school.) The curiosity is removed by showing him/her carefully what it is like at a shooting range and placing an extreme emphasis on safety.

It depends on the child really. Our room is locked. The drawer would be locked and the gun would be locked and out of reach. In an emergency perhaps it wouldn't be easily obtainable but it would be available.

Assume then that it is not your guns but the assailants which you may or may not have wrestled away from them. They threaten to "come back" as they so often do. What do you do?

Oh and the Demolition Man labels were intentional. As far as I remember it was in exactly that same order. Murder, Death, Kill. 187. There was also a little over-hyped game called MDK which was commonly referred to as Murder, Death, Kill even though the developer denies it.

HektikLyfe said...

Oh I see what happened. Blogger put them in alphabetical order. For shame.

HektikLyfe said...



Farhan said...

In my opinion, nothing justifies murder. Nobody should have the right to kill, not even the law. If I had a gun and I was being robbed, and the robber was threatening me or my family, I'd shoot to disable him, but not to kill him. I'd aim for his funny bone. haha.

Anonymous said...

No but seriously, I can't answer that question wile sitting in front of a computer. I'd have to actually be in that situation to see what what I'd do.

HektikLyfe said...

>Farhan: You bring up a great point. Being in the situation might cause anyone to act different.

If someone is in my home, and threatens to come back and murder, death, kill or God forbid RAPE any member of my family... I can't say I would have the restraint. Those people do come back. They think they have the right. They think what you work hard to build and buy is theirs for the taking.

I have seen people at gunpoint still talking trash and threatening to come back and do more harm. The bad thing is that they really do return and angry. Its like a vicious dog you need to put down once it gets a taste for blood.

The way I see it, is if they choose to behave like animals...