Wednesday, August 20, 2008

War On Teh Fatz!

Yet another excuse for being fat was provided by ABC News. They call it, "SRED." Sleep related sleeping disorder. Sleep eating in other words. Now I don't deny that this freak accident of a bad habit exists. What I am disappointed by is the solution...

"Now she can get a good night's rest -- if she keeps taking the medicine."

"It's something that I am not going to be cured from," this girl said.

Way to fight back!

"Finally, after months of trial and error with a variety of medications, there is hope for Anna Ryan. She and Eveloff have found a combination of drugs that allows her to sleep through the night, and the pounds are coming off."

Drugs are your only solution ladies and gentlemen! Pharmaceutical brainwashing strikes again!



Iris said...

Why not lock away the food? Or lock her door? :/

HektikLyfe said...

Or exercise so much her body is too tired to get up at night?

I know when I am dead tired I wake up in exactly the same position I crashed.

I doubt they even bothered to try.