Thursday, June 5, 2008


Daily Meme. Everyday they post a few topics to write about and you select your topic of choice.

I thought it would be interesting to participate so I have, here.

1. So, we finally have a Democratic candidate in the U.S.: Barack Obama. What do you think of that? Do you think he can win against John McCain? Why/why not?
I couldn't care less. I have a suspicion that whoever is in office is merely a puppet of a much larger political animal. Call me paranoid or conspiracy nut, I really don't think my theory is that extreme. I mean take a look at all the drastic levels of secrecy shown by the U.S. government in the past. Secret plots, secret societies, even entirely secret organizations. Why would they allow the entire countries future to rest in the hands of one public figure?

What do I think of it? As much as they all propose "change" and improvement, all candidates are essentially the same. What has changed in this country for the past hundred years? Not a whole lot. Racism is STILL a problem. Pointing at the border and other countries as the source of our troubles is STILL a problem. If the current president leaves office immediately, will we really notice a difference?

Clinton Version 1.0 and whatever cabinet he designed was a bit more introverted which is exactly what I believe our country needs right now in order to heal its wounds. We shouldn't seal our borders to people, we should seal it to businesses. Do like Japan after Nagasaki and apply a heavy tax to companies who outsource and penalize those who refuse to buy and employ homegrown.

Can Obama win? Sure he can. Bush's popularity is so low that people might ignore their racist tendencies long enough to vote for a younger, possibly capable leader. I'm sure once he wins the opposite party will start its smear/impeach campaign almost immediately.

McCain seems like just another Bush. Down to the accent.

2. What is your position on illegal drugs?
Although I despise their existence, taxation is the way to go. Anything that messes with your brain chemistry is a deadly toy in my book. I won't be as extreme and say we should legalize cocaine or anything stupid like that. Marijuana though is already everywhere. As soon as the sun goes down you can smell it in every neighborhood. Every party has people excited to "smoke out." Ignoring the fact that it may be doing more damage than unfiltered cigarette's.

If these people are going to do this, we might as well get money from them. Think about the jobs and the money that would be generated.

3. What do you think of the health care system in the country in which you reside?
The U.S.? WHAT health care system? There is NO health care system. There is a group of health care corporations that we pay ridiculous amounts of our hard earned cash to simply because we feel we might need it at some point.

Without insurance you can't get any health care unless you are filthy rich. Insurance is the biggest legalized scam in the world. "You pay us a monthly fee just in case you might at some point need some help. If you do need help, we won't pay for it all, just a small portion after which we will increase your fee's. If you never need our help you will not get your money back. We charge you more the older you get because it is more likely that you will have to use us." We are paying them to stay in business. We are paying them to be there but they can't even guarantee to be there.

There are some horror stories of insurance being a bad thing. The itemized aspect of it tempts doctors to perform unnecessary procedures. My family has personal experience with this during childbirth and forced epidurals that were already paid for. (The child was already OUT in one instance!)


Farhan said...

I am not so good at discussing politics or controversial topics, but here is my response to your blog anyway:

Well, they don't rest the entire country's future in one person's hands. The president has his cabinet and his own group of advisors. That should be enough help to him. And its not like the president is the leader of all the organizations. No, all those corporations have their own chief executive officers, don't they?

Can Obama win? Can he be a good president? I think yes, he can win and he can be a good president. I'm not trying to be racist here, but he is black. And so, in his life, he has probably dealt with a hell of a lot more problems than any person from any other race. He has probably rose from the bottom. So he knows where exactly the problems are, and he can tackle them directly and more quickly than anyone else. If Barack wins, I guarantee there are going to be a lot of good changes in this coutry.

What is my position of illegal drugs? First of all, I DON'T do drugs and I NEVER will. But I think drugs should be allowed, but ONLY at one's own homes. What I do with my body is my own choice. As long as I am not hurting anybody else (ie drugs at home ONLY), who the hell are you to stop me from taking drugs?

Health care in the USA is crap, and I couldn't agree more with what you've said. After hearing Hillary Clinton's concession speech yesterday, I feel that she really, really wants to become the Vice President. I hope Obama does NOT make her VP though, what he should do is make her the leader of the health care department. She should be given the responsibility of running health care. She has been talking SO much about health insurance problems in the USA. Well, now she should walk the talk. And solve the health care problems.

HektikLyfe said...

EVERYONE can be good at discussing politics or controversy. That's the beauty of it. You just need a mouth and an opinion. Or in our case, keyboard, hands and an opinion. :)

You're right, they DON'T rest the entire country's future in one persons hands, which is why I don't really think the president is all that important in the scheme of things.

About Obama. Now I'm sure he has dealt with more stuff than you and I have probably. Especially considering the career path he chose which is mostly devoid of color. The harshest part is that he probably isn't accepted by his own people either. He is what many would call in a VERY offensive term, and Oreo. Which is one of the most offensive things one African American can call another. I grew up around that and those terms and his well spoken nature and choice of career path in life would bother some. So I feel for him. He is rejected by many.

Sort of like the way people in our countries of heritage might feel about us if we return Americanized right Farhan?

As far as changes are concerned, we can only hope. I like the comfort that comes from a country at the top. We are weak as a people and if we don't have our government there to protect us we will fall quickly.

I agree with you about drugs only in principle. Unfortunately drugs don't stay at home. More severe drugs cause people to act irrationally. Which usually means leaving their homes. They run out of money and they turn to crime to supply the funds they require to quench the desire for those heavily addictive and destructive drugs.

I wish the health care problems could be solved by one person and one administration but I don't see that happening.

It is SOOOO expensive that the doctors who love the money they get paid would NEVER take pay cuts. The government would have to foot the bill and they would in turn pass the buck to us.

Higher taxes are the only solution which would mean that we would pay for other people's medical needs. In a country that is full of overweight, lazy, vain citizens that voluntarily pay for surgery on their own bodies to replace health and exercise, I can only see this option being exploited to the extreme.

Iris said...

My opinion on drugs is, don't start! Why start in the first place? To get away from problems? Try running. See if you can even think of your problems after 30 minutes.

HektikLyfe said...

Great point. I think drugs are solutions for the lazy. "I would rather not deal with my problems or fix them. Instead I will just pretend they aren't there and kill my body and brain in the process."

Iris said...

Well said! Solutions for the LAZY!