Thursday, June 12, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings - Response to Monique.

She said...I thought...

Sort of like word association but she didn't specify the use of only one word. This is more fun. Highlight to see my answers. If you want to play though I would suggest you write down your own answers first to avoid any subconscious suggestions.

1. Rambling :: Lunatic.
2. Magnetic :: ...items wipe hard drive data.
3. Again! :: Rock Band!
4. Acoustic :: The guitar Belen gave me that broke after time.
5. Mahogany :: Executive wasteland.
6. Promises :: Under kept.
7. Ill fitting :: Low-rise jeans and belly shirts.
8. Sublime :: Has-beens.
9. Poop :: Apple Something.
10. Disoriented :: Teenagers.


Iris said...

1. Rambling :: Teenager
2. Magnetic :: Scissors
3. Again! :: Roller coaster
4. Acoustic :: Serenity
5. Mahogany :: Car
6. Promises :: relieving
7. Ill fitting :: smaller size
8. Sublime :: Beach
9. Poop :: lighter
10. Disoriented :: Merry go round

HektikLyfe said...

Magnetic Scissors? Never heard of those but they sound like a great idea to keep on the fridge!

Acoustic Serenity? The movie or the feeling?

Iris said...

I heard once that scissors are magnified. That's you're not supposed to place them near a monitor or TV

Iris said...

I imagined an acousic guitar playing and just feeling serene.

Monique said...

I love #7. Too funny.

Um, #9. More info? Please?

Iris- I've never heard of magnetic scissors either. Interesting though.

HektikLyfe said...

More info from my answer or Iris'?

If you were asking me, Apple Something is the username of a mutual friend of my wife's and I.

She is quite the character and is sometimes obsessed with pooping as a form of relaxation and humor. Occasional taking MySpace-style pictures of herself "in the act" and posting them on her MySpace page.

Before you get the wrong idea, she is tasteful about it, if that can be said. In other words, there is nothing graphic about the images. You just know she's there and she's smiling all happy to be there. Very funny stuff.

Monique said...

Blogger is freakin'. If this is a duplicate, my apologies.

Oh ok. I thought it may have been an apple dish that you have a reaction to.....

Apple Something sounds like a character indeed.

I think I understand Iris', you poop, you're lighter - *laughs*

HektikLyfe said...

Not a problem. I came from MySpace so I know about website troubles, man...

Sarah Jane said...

*beep beep*
I read your answers before I decided to do my own, so I chose not to do it since your answers would have influenced mine.
Thanks for thinking of me FIRST when you here the word POOP. I am honored.