Monday, June 23, 2008

Brain Boy in Ed Norton's The Incredible Hulk

This year we have seen Iron Man. At the end of the credits you see Samuel L. Jackson propose the forming of a team to Robert Downey Jr so you know they are marketing another movie already. A quick search will confirm this and many other details which you may not want to find if you don't like spoilers. They did the same thing in The Incredible Hulk. A bit less subtle with some character sneak peeks.

There was a character who went by "Mr. Blue" for a majority of the movie. This character was played by Tim Blake Nelson. His characters name was Samuel Sterns.

I found the following information on IMDB and Wikipedia.

"The Leader" is a supervillain named Samuel Sterns.

He was the janitor at Bruce Banner's lab when he was hit by the same gamma radiation that turned Bruce into the Hulk. His skin turned green and his brain grew five times its size, to the point that it protrudes from his skull.

The Leader is obsessed with gaining the Hulk's strength for his own use.

We left the theater with that as an unanswered question in our minds. I found out as much information as I could without spoiling the next few movies and I thought I would share.

For those of you wondering, this new generation of Marvel films aren't that bad. Much better than any of the Spiderman movies that I did not like.


Carlos said...

I remember the Leader in the cartoon. He sucked. I think they could've picked a better villain. But oh well. I think Marvel will continue to make good and bad movies. Someone told me about 4 years ago to buy Marvel stock... I wonder what wouldve happened.

HektikLyfe said...

They never really put much effort into comic book villains.

The best ones are arguably the Batman villains. They are darker and more believable if I could even use that term to describe comic book characters.

Iris said...

OOOOOOOOOOOh Ok well I am glad you answered that question! I was wondering what happened to that character in the movie! Thanks :)

ryanmortinson said...

i know it wasn't marvel... and it was a bit slow at times... but i think "unbreakable" had a pretty good villain in "mr. glass".

HektikLyfe said...

You know I have to watch that movie again. I remember I was watching it with Sixth Sense expectations. Then it jolted me out of it. Now that I know what to expect, perhaps I could enjoy it better.