Monday, June 2, 2008

Fag Taggers

This is NOT any attack or insult to the happily gay community.

This is an assault on the idiots who refer to themselves as artists that deficate their "talents" all over our cities in their form of prepubescent rebellion against "the system."


Ok, so they call it art.  Lets put it in terms any artist would understand.  Media is expensive.  The materials you work with don't come cheap.  The money you pay for those products goes where?

Ok, canvas and paper is expensive right?  Consider city walls and street signs as the most expensive canvas you can ever buy.  Since you are most likely poor (I have never met a real well-to-do tagger) then you probably don't care since you consider it any expense you don't have to worry about.

Your mistakenly disassociative emotions toward this issue are to blame.  Whether you realize it or not, you and the parents you burden your useless existence with are paying for the damage you cause.

The city pays for the paint and/or cleaning materials used to wipe off your meaningless filth.  Believe me, government projects will always pay a premium for materials and labor.  (For you taggers with a failed urban public school mastery of the English language, that means expensive.)

So you pay money for the paint.  You pay taxes for the right to buy the paint.  The city pays for paint and cleaning materials and taxes for those same products.  The city also pays for the labor they hire to clean that crap up.  Probably your very same parents.

Where do you think the city gets the money to pay for that previously mentioned labor and equipment?

Thats right you ghetto bastards, the taxes you pay with everything you buy.  The taxes you pay at the end of the years.  The taxes you pay in you water and electric bill.  Everywhere you look you are being charged for the crap you do.

So you want to keep tagging your chicken scratched nickname that only you and other unemployed lowlifes like yourself can understand in a pointless effort to achieve ghetto stardom even though it is costing you and everyone you care about buttloads of money, then please do.

I work hard for what I have and the money I make so I am damn sure you will run out of money long before I do.

Keep at it boneheads!


Farhan said...

I don't understand what the point of graffiti is anyway. Is it equivalent to pissing around an area to mark one's territory? Anyway, drawing graffiti is useless, it looks stupid and makes any area look obnoxious. I hate all "ghetto" stuff with a passion.

HektikLyfe said...

It is EXACTLY that! Only pointless. At least dogs have it right. When someone rules over them they concede. These guys go into other people's territories and tag where they will never return. Or tag next to someone else. It just doesn't make any sense.

Like most gangster rappers now. They are all about the gangster lifestyle but they talk about peace. Seriously? They talk big but they don't walk big.

These taggers sometimes run in crews but they don't stand for anything. They don't represent anything.

Graffiti artists are a different thing. Some graffiti artists are actually artist that use a graffiti style as opposed to the taggers which have none.

This is graffiti.

This is tagging.

Another quick way to differentiate the two is that Graffiti art is allowed, sometimes requested and more importantly paid for. Tagging is ugly, illegal and usually obstructing. Idiots tag on street signs and such to force you to look at them.

"Hey hey look at me look at me!"

Iris said...

I wish they would teach about graffiti in economics classes in High School. They should explain the process of "repair" to high school students. And what the consequences are to all who live in that neighborhood. Why don't they have this lesson in Economics?

HektikLyfe said...

Most taggers have dropped out of school by the time Economics rolls around.

Perhaps it should start right at the beginning. When kids are coloring. A better understanding of art.

They should beat the shit out of them if the color outside the box. No more of this, "It's ok, every child has their own special talent" B.S..

Iris said...

HAHAHAHA I know you are being funny. But it's really true. The negatives of tagging SHOULD be taught in school.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I love how you people THINK you know why people "tag". You come to this little forum and metaphorically circle jerk each other about how "ugly" and "stupid" graffiti is, and how taggers are "idiots" and meaningless", yet the reasons listed in the posts before me are hardly correct. When you come to these forums and post all your little generalizations togehter, you sound ignorent. Plain and simple. Granted, some graffiti is ugly and done by kids just wanting to vandalize property, but for fuck sake, shut the hell up.

HektikLyfe said...


I responded to you here.

Bloggerette said...

I too agree with the idiocy in TAGGING. Throughout my years in school I have been surrounded by these taggers and there seems to be no real consequences for they’re action. Therefore, it seems they just multiply by the minute. They seem to dismiss the fact that what they do not only makes them look ridiculously foolish but is also vandalism and a unfortunate scenery for us all. Luckily today I am attending school where none of this is tolerated or even considered as form of art. If only the world were like this.

J0Ey.C said...

hey hektik life ...FUCK YOU....and tagging crews stand for graffitti you fucking idiot think you know what gangser rappers are like what the fuck...youl get yur self shot for saying that.. your probaly some old white person......yeah fuck you too iris you guys are nothing but smurks oh yea uhmmmm bloggerette (FUCK YOU)
"taggings UGLY" its not to the kids tat are doing it and you old white people just sit in your house and biuld model cars and shit you fucking faggets and i can tell your white beause you talk shit on stuff you no NOTHING about..... yeah and fuck whoever wrote this shit on this whack ass site......

J0Ey.C said...

hectik life is a straight shit talking bitch... you only had a mom growing up huh? hahah or a whack ass white dad hahahhah someone needs to beat your ass you discust me. just go build a birdhouse or whatever old faggets do.

xartx8xstarx said...

So I just read all of your posts on tagging. May I say that you have said so many things I only wish I could say. Living in South Los Angeles, formerly South Central, I see my fair share of tagging. Stop signs, the poor tiendita on the corner that never gets a break, the house down the street that has a brick fence around it, old trucks, a traffic cone, and my own mailbox have been victims to mindless scribbles from the local cholos. No matter how many times they get painted over (either by the city or another taggers colors), the squiggles come right back. I knew what F13 stood for before I was in middle school. I had a few friends that were graffiti artists who actually spray paint huge pieces of canvas and it's amazing what they can do with simple spray cans. That's art, writing your name I'm afraid, isn't. I'm just glad that you see things in a different perspective and you're not afraid to say it. Much respect.