Saturday, June 14, 2008

Who Are You, Really?

I was just curious.  You know how people are frequently amazed and enjoy dicussing people's alternate personalities online?  "OMG I had no idea Lin from accounting was into S&M *tee *hee."

I thought it would be interesting to go the other way.  (No not that you sicko!)

I know and speak to so many people online but don't really know who they are or what they do in real life.  Which is where this blog comes in to play.

If you would like, please answer the following questions you never really see in any online survey.

1.  Who are you and where is your primary blog or website?  (You can use your online callsign if you wish.)

2.  What was your primary field of study in school?

3.  What do you do for a living?

4.  What would you like to do for a living?  (Realistically.)

5.  What do you do for fun?  Off the internet?


HektikLyfe said...

OK, I'll start.

1. I go by HektikLyfe obviously. I had two e-mail accounts, one for business and one for play. I was working full-time with so much overtime I was making double-pay. I was working weekends and attending college for my Bachelor's Degree as well as taking the occasional side job and spending quality time with the family. XBox Live names were very limited so that was the best I could do. It grew on me. My primary blog is now here. In the past it has been random websites like MSN Groups, MySpace, MSN Live Spaces and even Facebook for a short, short while.

2. My primary field of study in school was Information Technology. "Computers" to the non-733+. I showed some interest and promise (according to my professors) in literature, argumentation and debate but I really didn't see a future in any of those fields. I had a fleeting interest in Philosophy and Anthropology but really, can anyone afford a home in either of those careers?

3. I work with computers. I used to work with large computers but I took a hit in experience and responsibility for higher pay in a larger company. Its humbling.

4. Realistically is the key word here. Wouldn't we all like to be filthy rich after all? I would really like to get paid to write full time. I did not major, minor, or even study ANY form a literature beyond the basic minimum requirements for my Degree but I have done a lot of reading. From what I hear, Journalism doesn't pay well. I firmly believe I am mature and responsible enough to be a business owner/manager. In what exactly I'm not quite sure. Perhaps that is why I am not doing it.

5. For fun I like to read books, watch movies, listen to podcasts and play board games with family. I like to discuss taboo topics and really rile up the individuals I am arguing with. I enjoy camping as long as we are not too far from a restroom and a shower. Videogames are always fun but theme parks are a thing of the past. There are a lot of other little things I do but none regularly enough to qualify.

ryanmortinson said...

1. My most recent nickname is "little chicken". This name was given to me after I wrecked my motorcycle... the seasoned riders I was with told me crashing was a good experience for me and that I had a lot to learn still, just like a little (baby) chicken. Website: I've bounced all around the net... angelfire, myspace, facebook, livejournal, and flickr. My primaries are blogspot and flickr.
I put my favorite photos here..

2. I graduated with a gpa of 3.49 in electrical engineering (i felt pretty proud about that). I was particularly good at microwave engineering.

3. I worked as a technician at a small engineering company and had some offers from several bigger companies, but I didn't want to get locked into a job quite yet. So on a whim I sent a resume to a private school in South Korea. I'm now going on year two here. I love teaching english to kids, they say the funniest things, and they have an innocence that makes you think this world can't be all bad.

4. I would love to teach motorcycle riding skills and photography at the college level or perhaps work as a photographer for a photo journal of some kind.

5. My interests include photography (i particularly like taking candid photos of people), east coast swing dancing, reading science fiction, juggling, riding motorcycles (cruising not racing), basketball, and asking people what and why they believe what they do.

HektikLyfe said...

Welcome Ryan,

I had seen you sign my guestbook but I wasn't sure if you were for real. It looks like such a well composed photograph I thought for sure it must be a spammer or a bot. XD

Good to know you're not.

It looks like we will get along well we have many things in common.

Response to #1. I think the fact the you ride a motorcycle at all makes you not a chicken so I'm a little confused by this. I guess things are different in different places.

Response to #2. Impressive, definitely something to be proud of. I don't remember my GPA but I'm sure it wasn't that high. Congrats!

Response to #3. Yeah my wife and I find children and the things they say very inspiring and frequently hilarious. Personally I find it amazing how evil they can also be at times. "Look over there!" and they steal their best friends snack.

Response to #4. I took a few years of photography in High School and one in college just for fun. I have always had a love for the art but I have never been quite good at it. I can admire it and occasionally I get a really nice shot but I wouldn't consider myself a talented photographer at all.

Response to #5. Candid! My favorite! I hate taking portrait shots, they are so fake. I love taking shots of people as they are. Conversing, laughing, dancing or playing. I like to photograph life as it is, not as we wish for people to see it as. Most of the books I have read are science fiction! I can't juggle worth a damn no matter how hard I try. I like riding my brothers quad once in a great while but I have to admit I am not a "little chicken." I am a BIG chicken! When it starts going to fast I feel my heart pumping through my neck. I wrecked a few times and as a child I ran into some barbed wire so that kind of killed it for me. I don't play Basketball but I have been keeping up with the Los Angeles Lakers lately. One of my favorite conversation topics is beliefs. Recently I have been intrigued/confused by people's belief in numerology.

Again, welcome to my blog. I hope I write something you enjoy and continue to participate!

Iris said...

1. Who are you and where is your primary blog or website? (You can use your online callsign if you wish.)
My name is Iris and my primary blog is on myspace. I would rather not share the link ;)

2. What was your primary field of study in school?
I did not have a primary field. I almost went toward broadcasting, though.

3. What do you do for a living?
I am a Human Resources professional

4. What would you like to do for a living? (Realistically.)

Stay at home and do physical personal training, for clients on the side :)

5. What do you do for fun? Off the internet?
I watch movies, I visit family or friends, I take short road trips, spend time with my husband, work out, play board games with family, go for walks with our dog.

Farhan said...

1. I am Farhan and you can find me on Myspace. I log into my Facebook account from time to time, because most of my cousins are on there.

2. I am just at the beginning of my studies. Working on my Associate's degree (Liberal Arts) right now, just have to take one more class. After this, I will focus on dentistry.

3. I do not work right now. I'm very lucky. My father and brothers work hard and are able to provide luxuries for the family. We are planning to move into a house soon, so I will be getting a job again. FYI, I did have a job at Toys "R" Us a few months ago. Focusing on school right now.

4. I'd like to be either a dentist or a dental lab technician. Being a technician is so much more suitable for me. Working in a lab without direct contact with the patients and limited contact with any others. If I make a mistake while making a prosthetic, it can easily be fixed. Dentists, on the other hand, are in direct contact with the patients and also interact with a lot of other people. One has to be a really social person for that, which I am not. And if a dentist makes a mistake and messes up someone's mouth, he can easily get sued and lose his license. Dentists make loads more money, though! Tough choice to make.

5. Pretty much all interests I have put a lot of strain on my eyes. I love watching documentaries on History channel, National Geographic and Discovery. Me and my brother watch a lot of movies, tv shows, wild life/nature shows and travel dvds (which I collect) together. I am a sedentary person, so sports is almost out of the question. I don't know anyone else who is into tennis, or else I would have this sport a lot. Most of the people who I can call my "friends" are back in India. Here in the USA, I have a few acquaintances I like to hang out with occasionally. Well, I do have a couple of friends here who I go to a lot of electronic concerts with. Speaking of music, I like listening to trance and house music. Lots of songs from the 1980s', 90s' and early 2000s' as well. I am a die-hard Michael Jackson and Dr. Alban fan!

Wow. Lots of "me"s and "I"s. Lol.

carlos said...

1. Who are you and where is your primary blog or website? (You can use your online callsign if you wish.)
My name is Carlos and usually I am a commentor, not an author of my own blogs. I have commented on myspace and now here

2. What was your primary field of study in school?
Right out of high school I went to a technical school and studied computer operations. Then while working in the field I took courses for certifications. Finally I got my BS in Business Management
3. What do you do for a living?
I work from home as a Systems Administrator. Which means I remotely handle issues with backups, SAN storage and server permissions.

4. What would you like to do for a living? (Realistically.)

I wish, like everyone else, that I didnt need to work for the money. I would invest in real estate and flip homes or just improve them and rent them out.

5. What do you do for fun? Off the internet?
I watch TV, Movies, ride motorcycles, golf, snowboard, and drink beer and chat with family

vero said...

1. My name is Vero, I don't have my own blog/page space... I like looking through the internet and commenting here and there.

2. I haven't gone to school for anything yet, I really enjoy my job so I'm thinking about taking up some courses related to my field.

3. I work as a Human Resources Specialist.

4. Realistically I really enjoy my job, I would have to say just continue to grow where I am currently at.

5. What there is life off of the internet?!?! j/k I like getting together with my family, playing games, listening to music, dancing and best of all having a good intense arguement with my honey.

Antonia marie said...

1. I do have a Myspace page, but it's only to keep in touch with my neices and nephews who live in Germany. The reason that I found this blog is that I really enjoyed watching Iris' videos on how to style (long, straight) hair. I know that she has her own Youtube site but I think that as a woman, it's important to compliment each other in every way possible. I live in OC. I'm a graduate student working on another master's degree. I'm getting married on my birthday, 080908! It's my first marriage--I usually want other people to react as excited as I am when I tell them that I've waited 36 (actually, it will be 37) years to find him.

2. I have a BA in Communications Studies and dabbled in photography. I wanted to be a reporter/anchor. I am currently completing my graduate degree in Public Admin.

3. I work part time in a motorcycle shop selling helmets and women's apparel. I enjoy the job because I like the sales pitch. It keeps me connected to life. Living in suburbia can be verrry quiet, calm and sometimes lonely.

4. Eventually, I would like to go to culinary school and open up a simple sandwich shop. I would also like to have enough patience to try some of Iris' hair tips!

5. I enjoy cycling. Where I live, there are a lot of hills. It's my everyday challenge. After that, it's just taking care of everyday business. Walking my two dogs: Levite and Levin.

Abhayah said...

1. Hi there, my name is Abhayah. Sadly enough, I have an account with pretty much every site you can have an account with, but my main squeeze is Myspace and I'm pretty sure I'm the only Abhayah on there.

2. I'm in my third year in college as a Biology/Pre-Med major with a minor in Chemistry. Hopefully I'll be able to stay in Texas for Med School (UTMB,UTSA).

3. Right now I wouldn't consider myself to have a legitimate job but I'm in the process of getting pharm tech certified to hold me over until i graduate.

4. Honestly I sat here and tried to think of something that would make me as happy as being a doctor but nothing comes to as a substitute: I would enjoy joining Doctors Without Borders.

5. For fun I like to relax with my lab, spend time with my family, and I love to travel whenever I ever get the opportunity.

Ivy said...

oOOo, i love this kinda thing, it feeds my ego, lol.

1. I'm Ivy. I'm you, I'm him, I'm her, I'm you. In other words we're all the same :) I write a blog called

2. Psychology and art. I can't decide between the two, and yet they're very similar subjects in some ways.

3. I'm a university student (social work).

4. I want to work in microfinace in 3rd world countries. Lending loans so ppl can get a head-start in life.

5. I paint, I party, dance, and fire-twirl.

Now you should answer all 5 questions yourself! do it

HektikLyfe said...

The reason I asked what you studied and what you do for a living was to find out if you eventually did follow through with your chosen life path.

Oh and I already answered the questions. I was the first. :)

Riah Sahooli said...

1. Who am I? I have multiple identities. I am a woman of color, an immigrant, and a Californian. I am on facebook mostly. I had created a "fake" myspace account to spy on my foster kids when I worked as a counselor in a foster service agency two years ago. But I always knew that they also had a "fake" profile just for me. :D

2. I have 2 undergraduate degrees. One in economics/accounting (to please my parents), and the other in psychology (to please myself). I am currently finishing up my PhD in clinical psychology.

3. I go to school full time, and work as a therapist for incarcerated individuals, part time.

4. The same thing I am doing right now. It was my dream to work with undeserved, minority populations, and that is what I am doing. It is very fulfilling.

5. I spend time with my husband, play poker on Friday nights, go to the park with my god kids, and I enjoy biking on the weekends.

HektikLyfe said...

Thank you for commenting, I feel a bit humbled by your education and success. I hope to hear your input on some of our topics here.