Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Some pastard from a church in Virginia believes the answer to salvation lies in the burning of music and video games HE decides are not suitable for today's youth. That is HE the pastor, not He God.

What he refuses to acknowledge though is that the music and video games he is referring to are not for children. They are not legally sold to them nor are they designed for them. So by his logic he technically could, or should, burn EVERYTHING that adults use that children could get their hands on.

Alcohol isn't for children right? Burn it!
Porn isn't for children right? Burn it!
There are some books with violence alcohol and porn right? Burn it!
Where have we seen this before?

Here's the funny part. This is a buyback program. So if you have a game you don't like anymore or music you have already ripped into MP3, I have a potential buyer for you. I hope they aren't looking for government funding for this program. He should take it up with the RIAA and they should go at it.

His name is Pastor Richard Patrick of the Abyssinia Baptist Church.

3001 Wickham Ave.
Newport News, Virginia 23607

Oh and don't forget to burn it.

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Iris said...

What a weirdo! It really makes me so sad that they take it to extremes. Kids grow up scared to live life.

HektikLyfe said...

Yes. In the time when religious groups should be catering to their followers desires to suit their needs, instead, they tighten their grip and lose them all suffocating themselves in the process.

Iris said...

Amen to that. To add, they are only doing this to draw attention themselves and glorify their actions.