Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What? Me Skinny?

We have a trip coming up soon and it involves heat, water and bare skin. I have never really been known as a healthy eater or any exercise freak so I needed to change my eating and lack of exercise habits unless I wanted to embarass my healthy and very fit wife.

I'm 5'9" and weigh from 165-167 lbs. (Thats 175 cm and 74-76 kg. for the rest of the world.) depending on what I had for lunch and what time of day it is. So I have a thin build. I'm not fat nor have I ever been overweight. (I'm not counting those months as an infant that my mother kept me as plump as the Michelin man. I have the crease marks on my arms to prove it.)

Although I haven't ever really been a fatso, I did have a round little Bart Simpson belly thing going for me. All those cheeseburgers and pizza's were finally catching up to me. Yes, Americans really DO eat like pigs. I would eat relatively small portions but it they would be unhealthy foods. Delicious, unhealthy foods.

I stopped.

I quit soda, caffeinated or not. Point blank. I greatly reduced the amount of junk food I was eating. Zero cheesebugers and Zero pizza. This of course could not be done without my wife's guidance and instruction.

I also started running. I would run in short bursts keeping my heart rate up. After all it had been years since I did any serious exercise, I didn't want to give myself a heart attack.

It's been about two months and I have lost about 20 pounds. I didn't think it was noticeable until a coworker pointed it out to me. I let my beard grow out which made my face look fuller and even then he noticed.

The point of this blog? It CAN be done. No magic pill or stomach stapling surgery required. A large portion of my family is overweight. (Like my double pun there?). So it runs in my family to be a mid-sized porker.

What is the answer?

Stop eating.

Stop eating badly.

Stop eating when you are not hungry anymore. During you meal, take a break and make yourself aware of how your stomach feels. You don't have to feel full after every meal. Try aiming for "satisfied" instead of "stuffed."

Start exercising.

If you are still eating and you're not hungry anymore, you're overeating.


Iris said...

This is very true. All you have to do is eat healthy and then walk a little every day. If you feel like doing a little more than just walking, go for it!
Congratulations on your 20 lb weight loss! That's a major accomplishment!

HektikLyfe said...

It wasn't easy, but it wasn't impossible like all those surgery commercials make it seem.

A lot of people read this page but most didn't bother to comment. So I appreciate you taking the time. :)

Iris said...

You're welcome.

Farhan said...

Wow! 20 pounds is a lot of weight to lose. Good job! So now that you've lost some weight, do you feel any different?

I, on the other hand, need to gain a little weight. My BMI is slightly less than 18.5. And I'm kind of worried.

carlos said...

well my BMI is over what it should be. I think last I checked it was like 23. I have started to exercise but I cant stick with it. Just too much to do. this heat doesnt help either. Makes me just want to sit and watch tv while enjoying the A/C... and yes eat while im sitting.
I think most people will agree that its hard to commit to good habits

HektikLyfe said...

>Farhan: I do feel different. 20 pounds isn't a great big deal in the scale of things. ;) But walking up the long mile to the lab where I work I don't find myself as tired as I used to get. When you get older you will find it MUCH easier to put on the pounds. Don't stop eating healthy though its like a boulder going downhill, hard to stop.

>Carlos: What my wife would have me do is continue exercising while watching T.V. Running the A/C and just holding my stomach tight the entire time. Then taking a break and doing push ups or weights. I think the good habits are easier to commit to when you set small goals. Then you achieve them and feel motivated to continue. I set a 2 pound drop and hit about 25 before I slowed on the diet. I eat the occasional Pizza slice here and there because weight loss isn't my goal anymore. But I don't see myself going back to the way I used to eat any time soon. I used to feel like crap and didn't even realize it.

Vero said...


I was having a good discussion during dinner and I have recently taken the challange of eating moderate size meals... (meaning the actual portions we are supposed to be eating not all the food they set in front of you at Olive Garden). It's amazing how much junk we stuff into our faces just because it's everywhere.

HektikLyfe said...

Oh man....Olive Garden.

I get full on the soup and salad before your meal! XD

The good thing about it is that its not so expensive if you think of it as two meals. With the doggy-bags we always go home with; it usually becomes more than one.

Is it me or are they getting stingier with the garlic bread sticks?

vero said...

I actually had them stop bringing the bread to the table, I decided it's just extra junk in the trunk I didn't need! I would eat those suckers like nothing before the food came. Plus I enjoy my food a little more without feeling so full off of the bread.