Friday, May 30, 2008

I Don't Want To Start Any Blasphemous Rumors

...but I think that I have a sick sense of humor.

Its not intentional. I don't WANT to laugh at certain things. I just do. Sometimes I try really hard to control it but in those situations it usually makes me laugh even harder.

Bathroom Humor

I am fully aware that my previous post was childish. It wasn't even well written. I read the original article and these comments kept creeping into my head. They made me laugh. The kind of laughter that you can only enjoy when you are in a good mood.

We have a refridgerator at work that is only used by my direct coworkers. They thought it was funny to buy a magnetic alphabet for it. I thought it funny to spell offensive terms with said alphabet. It is especially funny to me when I put something there an no one notices for a long time. Then out of nowhere I hear, "What the hell is Fecal Gum?"

People falling or getting hurt. Immature, childish, all of the above. I can't stop. I feel bad but I can't stop laughing. I feel like a jerk but it is just so funny to me. So I am working unboxing some computer equipment and here a slip, slam and crack. I look over to the side and I see this lady sprawled out on the floor EXACTLY like this typical chalk outline.

She wasn't moving and just stayed still. Instead of running to help her I turn around and keep working to keep myself from laughing in her face. I know she was hurt but dude, how do you fall like that. She wasn't a grandma or anything. She was a healthy 40. To fall perfectly flat on the floor like that? She had to be in a rush. I'd look over casually to see if she would move or something, just to make sure she wasn't dead or anything, and I saw she was moving her arms slowly. Other people ran to her rescue so it was all good.

If I do a complete belly flop face plant onto concrete, I would really appreciate it if everyone were to ignore that anything happened unless I requested help.

I think I have always been this way. Some people think I am a asshole for it but I promise I don't mean to be. :)


Farhan said...

I don't know if I'd laugh if someone fell near me (in reality), but if I saw something like that on TV or something, I'd be laughing for quiet a while.

You know what would make me literally laugh out loud? If someone is talking on the cell phone while driving and gets into an accident (as long as they themselves don't get hurt). When bad things happen to people because of their own idiocy, I laugh.

dannii said...

Your not an ass I laugh out loud when I see someone fall and sometimes I don't even try to hide it just so they know they should pay more attention if they don't want to be laughed at by people.

This one time there was a guy standing at a corner right about to cross the streets when out of nowhere he slips over a leaf! see i don't know how you can slip over leaf but thats what he did i laughed so loud i started tearing up and my stomach was killing me.....if your an ass I'm one too -might even be worse-

XOXO Danny

HektikLyfe said...

>Farhan: Yeah slapstick humor works for me. I used to love watching Three's Company for that same reason. I mean I know it is stupid but I can't help myself.

>Dannii: I think situations like those are especially funny because they catch you off guard. Its even better if they are in business suits or fancy clothing. Posture and presentation is so important to them! XD

Iris said...

LMAO @ Fecal Gum. That cracks me up~

Sarah Jane said...

I get so embarrassed for people that fall like that! I don't think I laugh that hard, maybe just a giggle, unless it's someone I think deserves the pain and humiliation.
Oh, and so what if you like toilet humor? There is no 1 perfect humor--it's all fair game!
-devourer of toilet humor