Thursday, March 3, 2011

Glasses Aren't So Bad (2-20-08) 35 Reads

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Sooooo busy.  I have so many ideas for lengthy blogs.  I even have some completely typed up but just can't find the time to do the artwork. :S
So instead I will post this. :)  My wife and I were "discussing" glasses.  I told her she didn't look bad with them.  I found this to show everyone how glasses aren't so bad.
I hope you guys haven't seen it already.


Apple Something I think glasses are sexy, especially when they're thick and kinda crooked.

Wife: This blog really made me giggle when I first saw it. Good find :) My favorite is the artist.

Bring me water: it's true. people don't really know that i wear glasses. (well here at the office anyway) i always get comments about how different i look.

foo: as a wearer of glasses, i dig.

  • Molly: I think Iris would look very cute with glasses. She could always go to an eye doctor and try on glasses prior to an appointment... let her get an idea of what her options are regarding frames. Would she ever want to try contacts? I wear both glasses and contacts... I prefer the contacts at work, but I love the glasses when I'm home.
    3 years ago

    • Wife: Nah! I don't care if the world knows I wear both glasses and contacts. I am just self conscious about the way I look when I wear glasses. I think I look 10 years older.

    • HektikLyfe She already wears contacts! Wait...was that one of those girl beauty secrets I wasn't supposed to expose? :S

  • SIDENOTE:  This was last time I ever heard from the poster known here as "Bring me water."  She was one of my most active commenters and we had many conversations that covered a multitude of different topics.  There aren't many people in this world I could say were my friends and even though I never met her in person, I could say that she was one of them.  She would ask for specific blog topics.  She would tell me her honest thoughts on the subject matter.  I even had a few that I had hinted at and she was anxious to hear.  When I eventually posted them and didn't hear from her I stopped by her page and posted a message.  I received a response from her family that she had passed away suddenly from an aneurysm.  It really affected me.  She was a friend.  She would post often about her young daughter who she loved dearly and her loss was moment of my life I don't think I will ever forget.  She died in her early 20's and to this day people still post and "chat" with her on her page.