Friday, March 11, 2011

Blurbs (8-3-07) 39 Reads

INTRO:  So I wanted (like always) to promote activity on my blogs and I thought I would do more mini-blogs.  This was the first.

Blurbs - A new series.

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So I got to thinking.  My blogs are hard work.  They are long, convoluted and sometimes full of hot air.  Perhaps if I made them lighter, leaner and fluffier.
Here is the first of what I hope to be more and more successful "Lil' Blogs."
I've read over 60 Science Fiction novels in the past 10 years of my life.  I saw this picture of the surface of Mars today.

...and I can't help but think this, "Mars is dusty and perhaps windy yet there is hardly any erosion visible.  It looks more like some catastrophic event destroyed a structure than any natural process of nature."
Thats it.  Hope you enjoyed my thought for the day.  Goodnight.
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RICHARD: There IS visible erosion. What do you think of that movie you were currently watching? Pretty overhyped and not that good of a film in my opinion.  (MySpace: Used to allow little snippets of what you were doing or what you were currently reading/playing/listening to to be posted with your blogs.  It was pretty cool.  Like everything cool, they got rid of it.)

  • HektikLyfe Billions of years worth? Considering the way the planets were created (massing of small particles) it seems strange that after the planets cooled they didn't become perfectly smooth and it seems strange that even after millions of years with sand and wind that the atmosphere itself wouldn't make a desert planet like Mars look more like the Sahara desert than the Ground Zero it resembles today.

    I thought the movie was a novela.

  • Bring me water, cool.. lil blog..

    so.. isnt mars made out of something diff from earth?

  • Wife This picture is a picture of Mars????? Looks like a friggin picture of a desert near our house! WTF???? Amazing! I liked this blog. I hope you write a more. Not because it was short but because it was easy for my brain to process ^__^

  • Apple Something No offense but I really appreciate this lil' blog. It's hard for me to commit to really long ones!
    Ok, I see what you're saying and I have to say I've never heard that theory before but I like it. Now, I'm looking at those hills in the background and wondering if Mars has ever had earthquakes or volcanos--I don't know what that core is made of and I'm not gonna go open a new window and check really fast cuz I bet someone can answer that for me.
    Maybe billions of years ago, the sun wasn't AS hot or Mars wasn't AS close as it is to the sun today. If that's possible then it's definitely possible there used to be civilization on the planet and then they had their own Global Warming Incident that ended it all.
    This could be Earth in 50 million years, all of our technological advances right down the tubes. Back to square one (is it just me or is it really square to use the phrase "square one"?)

    • HektikLyfe Glad I made your imagination wander. :)

  • Nelson That's metal

    (You might be onto something)