Saturday, March 5, 2011

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A Quick Note from the Grynch

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What the hell.  Seriously!

If you are walking by, why is it a MUST to have to acknowledge every single
person?  Why?  "Hey there, I see you."  "Hi, I acknowledge your existence by
nodding my head in acknowledgement."

Why?  It is pointless and curious at the same time.  If I walk by someone and
they don't tip their hat I'm not personally hurt by it.  They are not my
friends, they aren't family that I will miss if I never see them again.

Who in their right mind said this was common courtesy?  Imagine if we had to do
this on a busy escalator in the mall during the Christmas shopping frenzy.  We'd
all look like a bunch of bumbling bobble-headed idiots.  And what if previously
mentioned escalator decided to break down?  "Oh um, yeah...hi."

If there is no purpose to your communication it shouldn't be shared.  Its a
waste of energy and time.  When I am walking, I have direction.  I am on a
mission.  I am not pointlessly wandering just to see how many people I find
walking in the opposite direction.  There is always something on my mind and I
don't walk around aimlessly chasing butterflies.

What's worse is that those people who love do this always do it wrong.  You
don't ask a question whilst walking by at 50 paces an hour.


If you take the time to answer you lose your 1 second opportunity to respond
cordially.  You have to be prepared to shoot off a quick "Hifineandyou?"  But if
you do that then you both have to resort to yelling meaningless statements
across the hall to the annoyance of everyone else.


  • Brother: Weird! I blogged almost the opposite end on this about 3 years ago...

    • HektikLyfe I'm amazed I didn't see this blog. I'm pretty sure I'm subscribed but it doesn't sound familiar. I don't mind the hello's. I mind the drive-by questions.

  • Apple Something Me (at work): "Hi, good morning. What can we make for you today?"
    Customer: "Fine thanks. I'll have a ...."
    I didn't ask her how she was doing. People make that mistake with me all the time. Nope, I'll never ask how you're doin' unless I know you from somewhere other than Starbucks. I almost hate it when strangers ask me, "How are you?". They're not even thinking when they say it, nor are they listening to any answer you might give. It's on the same level as "let's do lunch" with the two air-kisses.

    • HektikLyfe Exactly. You know they don't really care or they don't even realize that they're asking a question.

  • Ruben: So whack when people have that annoying high-pitched "good morning!!!" voice, sounds so phony. The worst part is that they don't give a shit about the answer. Just watch, next time somebody asks "how you doing?" reply with a long drawn out answer and see how uncomfortable they get because they know they didn't give a shit to begin with and now you're sharing something personal which they didn't wanna listen to in the first place. Those greetings are just fake and I don't see a reason for them either.

  • Molly: So are you saying that random strangers grab you and scream ""HithereHowhaveyoubeen?okbye!"?? Are you being verbally assulted by random strangers? Do you feel unsafe? Maybe you should carry a rape whistle to protect you from those crazy friendly people. lol

    • HektikLyfe No I don't feel assaulted or anything. Its just that I know that deep down I am a good, kind person. And simply because I am quiet or introverted people think I'm the worst. I don't care what people think of my appearance, things like prejudice and snobbishness don't bother me. But when people think I am a bad/evil person for not responding, that is messed up.

      And its not even just about not responding, its about not responding enthusiastically enough. When people walk by I smile a


  • Cousin-in-law: I am one of those who smile to people as they pass by........ they smile back and thats it...........I believe that people say hello to be polite and you are not obligated to comment but a smile is courteous enough so that you dont look grouchy......I make it a point at work to also say hello to the door man and ask how he is........imagine if someone is having a bad day.... noone was nice and there you are.....a smile and a nice hello........that will make someones day believe it or not.........Its not an annoyence to me personally its just someone being polite......but I understand were you are coming from and do also think its funny to imagine a bunch of people bopping their head up and down.........

    • HektikLyfe Oh I don't mind a smile and nod on occasion but why is it a MUST. Its the whole "How are you doing?"

      Why do people assume you are mean or rude? No one ever thinks you are deep in thought. You have to explain youself and apologize. Would they ever think to apologize for interrupting your train of thought?

      What if you are mourning and they don't know, you don't respond and evil thoughts cross their minds. "Jerk! Rude!"

  • Wife: You crack me up. I think you should start saying Merry Christmas to everyone, instead of How are you doing? My favorite part was the escalator image. LOL! What if everyone walked past each other and didn't say hello at all? Would you really be happy?