Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dem Balls A-Fire (8-14-07) 32 Reads

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Technology.  It is evolving so fast.  Now it doesn't seem to be making our lives easier.  Now it seems we are developing technologies to make up for our own stupidity.

I read an article about this development earlier today.

Japanese are now making animations by creating small plasma balls in mid-air. The technology doesn't use vapor or strange gases, just lasers to heat up oxygen and nitrogen molecules: up to 1,000 brilliant dots per second, which makes smooth motion possible.

They could be used as street signs, advertising, etc...
Stupid humans need assistance.  Don't walk when you see a big semi-truck coming.

Laser keyboard.

Yes this has been out for a while now but its making a resurgence.  Designed for portability it emphasizes how the keyboard has become our primary tool for communication.  Slowing down data transfer from human to human to give us more time to think, and choose our words carefully.  We can't spoke?

Its like the continuous use of the Post Office.  What the hell?


  • Apple Something I like the idea of putting the keyboard on one's nether-regions.
    Does it work on water?

    • HektikLyfe It should work on anything. Its not about the impact or contact but the location. If your fingers pass the point the laser is focused on it should work.

    Bring me water, LOL! @ Wife's comment. ahaha.. soo.. yeah... what is the deal with the post office or any other type of courier? whyyyyy.

  • Wife: HOLY Crap! I want the laser keyboard. I would use it on your butt.