Thursday, March 26, 2009

Random@Random - Brown

Why when you mash up a variety of living material does it always have to turn brown?

What is it with brown? Does the color brown define us as earthlings both plant and animal alike? Even if you blend into the mix bright flowers of many different colors, ultimately you get some nasty variety of ugly brown.

Why not black?

Black isn't nearly as disgusting. Take your dog for a walk. If you step in a pile of do, I bet you won't be nearly as disgusted by some black poop than the creamy brown variety.

Burnt steak is better than freezer burn brown.

A dirty apple isn't nearly as disgusting as a browning one.

A brown ninja doesn't look nearly as cool as a black one.

Chocolate labs aren't as cool as black or even yellow labs. (And I don't like yellow.)

I had a few seconds of relaxing time so I thought I would waste it on a useless train of thought. Mission accomplished.

I don't like brown.


Douglas said...

When I was dabbling in daubing paint on pseudo canvases, I recalled that I was taught that the color white is actually all the colors combined. This is proved, they stated as fact, by the effect of light through a prism. However, when I mixed all the colors on my palette all I got was that ugly brown.

HektikLyfe said...

I remember getting that same brown whilst trying to make purple.

I wonder if the light that is reflected is what does come out white?

That would explain why a shiny black car looks "brighter" than a white one.

Freakin photons.

Iris said...

XD I like your train of thoughts. And I an wearing brown today :D

Sarah Jane said...

Ha! Also, nice label XD

Vivienne said...

You're right, everything mushed up turns into rown, how odd is that?
I don't particularly like the colour either but I have to say I'm contradicting myself as I do war it quite often coz it suits my dark hair and eyes. Maybe I shoud ltry green....

Vivienne said...

Oh and I've tagged you on my blog - just not quite sure how to put a link to that!
Also tagged Sarah Jane as she always seems to reply to game like these and Iris too :)
Whenever you guys want to