Friday, March 6, 2009

You Volume 2: Vivienne

I had an idea.

I want to do a series of blogs where I interview you.

My intention is to get my followers to know each other a little better and perhaps help you all get acquainted. Sound like fun? Volunteer and I will send you the questions.

I will do one at a time periodically. I will select one reader from the ones that volunteer, (I want to make sure they are willing to participate before I send out a query and wait impotently for a response.)

This first one will be to Vivienne. I asked her the following questions...

Hello Vivienne,

Lets start with your name shall we? Is there a story behind it? Like, were you named after anyone?
- Well my whole name is actually Vivienne Anaid Patricia. My dad wanted to call me Amparo...I'm glad he didn't! My mum wanted to give me a different name, unique, with different spelling so she picked Vivienne. In Spain you get at least one middle name and since my dad didn't get his way with Amparo they settled on Patricia.
Anaid is apparently one of my mum's favourite actresses and the Armenian goddess of fertility!

What do you think of the name? Does it represent you well?
I used to hate it but it's kinda grown on me over the past 27 years!
I hated that people always got it wrong - now they do it with my surname. I do think it represents me well, it's different, unique and nice - like me. :)

What part of the world are you from? Are you happy there or do you wish you were somewhere else? If so, where and why?
I am from all over the place. I was born in Hamburg, Germany and when I turned 3 my parents decided to move to Tenerife which is where I grew up. I don't have many links to Germany, my best friend lives there so I go visit her now and again but I feel more Spanish than German.
I am currently in London. When I turned 19 I thought I'd come to London for a year - now seven years later I'm still here! It's obviously grown on me now but I don't see myself here forever. I'd like to go back to a Spanish speaking country someday. Also I'd love to work in America for a year or two but I hear you guys only get 10 days holiday a year (I am on 28 at the moment) so I think I have to think that one through!

What brought you here to the Silent Podium?
Your wife. I like watching her YouTube videos and on her personal info she writes that her husband writes controversial blogs so to have a look with an open mind. I read "controversial" and thought - must have a look at that!

What do you consider some of your more eccentric interests or hobbies that you like to do when you're not blogging or on the internet?
Eccentric hmmmm.
I used to go to pole dancing classes and quite enjoyed that. Now before you think that's my weekend job hear me out. I read in the paper that there was a big boom about it so I decided to try it. And can I just say it's pretty much like doing yoga, well no actually it isn't like doing yoga but it has the same effects. I felt really relaxed after lessons and my posture improved a lot, it made me walk more straight AND gave me muscle tone. And it's fun. Am thinking of putting a pole in my living room but I'm afraid people are going to think I'm weird!

What other recreational activities do you like to participate in?
I like art so I often go to exhibitions and art galleries.
Love going to the cinema as well but never make time for it for some reason.
I love cooking and trying out new recipes!

Is there anything you wished more people would know about you but are afraid they will never find out on their own?
Hmm that's a difficult one! I don't think so, I think I'm pretty much what you see is what you get....

What do you think most people get wrong about you after a first impression?
That I am a confident person. I smile a lot because and I talk a lot and fast when I'm nervous, people mistake that for confidence I think.

If you don't mind sharing, what do you do for a living? Do you wish you did something else and if so, what?
Absolutely don't mind! :)
I work in TV. I am a Production Coordinator for a small production company called Red Earth Studio. I basically organize shoots, camera kit, etc. all the logistics and budgeting that go with filming something - that's me.
I love my job, I love organizing and I think I'm pretty good at it as well. I like that it's easy going, I can wear jeans to work and people are all very laid back in TV. (Well the ones behind the scenes anyway.)
I do sometimes wonder/think that I'd quite like to try doing a physical job like being a chef or something but I think I wouldn't last too long! I quite like sitting down.

What brought you here to Blogger?
Your blog! :)
I saw what you wrote and though - hm I could do one of those. It's like keeping an online diary. So I did, tried it out and still here I am, first thing I check in the mornings when turning on the Mac!

What is your blog site address and what do you blog about there mostly?
It's and I pretty much post about anything and everything that pops into my mind. I do sometimes re-think about what I'm going to post though in case people might think I'm weird. Which I am but I always worry I'm going to come across as one of those creepy internet people that you read about in papers!

What are you favorite movie and music genres?
I like horror movies. Call me crazy but if you're feeling down and watching a horror movie all those bad feelings go away. Yes they're replaced with being scared but there's nothing better than a good scare is there! PLUS, you might be down but then you think - ah well, could be worse! (after watching a horror movie). Apart from horror I quite like Spanish movies, also South American movies. They have a certain je ne sais quoi that takes me back home.
Music wise I'm quite open, I like random songs. I have Amy Winehouse "Valerie" and "Back to black" on my iPod as well as Jennifer Lopez, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rodrigo and Gabriela. All very mixed. A song for each mood!

Any favorite actors or artists you would like to admit to?
Hm favourite actors. I actually think Johnny Depp is really good. I recently watched Sweeney Todd and wasn't quite sure what I'd think about a musical but he's very good and does an excellent British accent!
And obviously I still have a crush on the guy from Twilight, Robert Pattinson. But he looks better with his make up on.
I like Penelope Cruz as well. Especially in Spanish movies, she's quite good.
Oh and Angelina Jolie surprised me as well. She's got something very cool about her. I've only seen Mr and Mrs Smith but I really liked the way she acted.

Any favorite movies/TV Shows/songs you would like to introduce the readers to?
Hmmmm. Well my freeview box broke so haven't been watching much TV lately.
I am trying to get the box set of Six Feet Under, I thought that was a very good show. Very different, versatile and good actors.
Songs - I woke up with a funny song in my head this morning "smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?" - Phoebe from friends!
There's a wonderful song by Snow Patrol I think they're called ,called "chasing cars". I don't have an idea as to what kind of music they do but I think everyone will like that song, it's so soothing and a part of the lyrics say something like "if I lie here, if I just lie here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?" - isn't that beautiful?

Thank you for your time Vivienne!

If you would like to find out more about her please visit her blog, Vivienne in Wonderland.


Iris said...

I've always wanted to try pole dancing but was afraid of others opinions. LOL! Vivienne is so lucky to know so many places. I know of Cali, Hawaii, Vegas and Miami :)

The Diva on a Diet said...

What a cool idea, Hektik. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know more about Vivienne and look forward to checking out her blog. This was an excellent interview - love both the questions and the answers! Just a totally great post.

As for the pole dancing ... I've always wanted to take one of those classes too but am to afraid to try! LOL

Hektik, you can interview me any time, if you like.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Marcy said...

Great idea -- for interviews, that is... It feels more of a community, that way. I'll have to check out Vivienne's blog.

I'll volunteer for an interview.

Anonymous said...

heeey I feel very honoured!! Am drinking my coffee, go onto your blog and there's my name!

Glad I'm not the only one with the pole dancing :)

jewlover2 said...

Too Coo For Schoo.. I love it. Great idea. I volunteer but I don't claim to be interesting...