Friday, January 23, 2009

Rich Food - Blurbs

You would think the rich would eat like Kings. Whatever happened to the fat cats like Henry VIII? Now, its all about complex, colorful crappy tasting fancy food.

I've eaten that shit. Do you have to develop a taste for it? If so, why? You have to develop a taste for expensive, unhealthy, unsatisfying stuff that barely passes for food.

Give me a plain old burger over caviar or shark fin any day.

Do any of you actually like that stuff? Do people eat before they go to these so called "luncheons?"


Sarah Jane said...

I like caviar. I've only had actual caviar twice in my life-once when I was about 8 yrs old and once when I was in my twenties. I have never purchased it.
I prefer burgers :)

Anonymous said...

I get very confused and intrigued by complex, colorful crappy tasting fancy food.

I mean seriously-grilled cheese. We all know what to expect there right?
Then I see something like frou frou cheese, imported sun dried tomatoes and peppers grown by mute monks on a mountain, served on unpronounceable bread and cooked in goat butt butter.
Ok I'm kidding about the goat butt butter part.
Can girlie just get a grilled cheese? On wonder bread? Please???

Anonymous said...

not a fan of cavier, but i love those smoked salmon stuffed with cream cheese little goodies they always serve. but i also don't like burgers. i'd rather have a salad. green leaf lettuce, english cukes, fresh tomatoes from the garden, green peppers, cubed cheddar cheese and a very light dressing, that to me is a great lunch. and my beverage of choice would be water.

Anonymous said...

I've never been a fussy eater so I'm happy to try anything - even frogs legs etc. Just to try it. Probably wouldn't be my preference over a nice greasy burger though. :)
Oysters for instance - delicacy - I've tried them, not bad with chilli sauce and lemon juice but what you're eating is actually ALIVE. It's like swallowing a giant moco....

HektikLyfe said...

>Sarah: The way I see it, if it SOUNDS gross, why try it? There is enough food variety in the world as it is.

>Rebecca: Mute Monks on a mountain, great line! XD

>Better safe: Water is good. Sometimes though I like a little flavor in my drink.

>Vivienne: I've seen people do that. Like what the hell?