Friday, January 16, 2009

Mini Miracle at Work

So I had a huge task dropped on my desk today. The task though was "reportedly" requested months ago. Fortunately it never got to me but unfortunately people don't care that it never got to the right person, me.

They had a map. The map was wrong. Instead of it becoming an "Oh well, just get it done" deal, it became a "This exact person who created the map made a huge mistake so I can't do a thing even if I wanted to but I'm ready to jump at it once _____ fixes his/her mistake."


I love it when a plan falls apart.


Iris said...

Well good for you! :D

Glad that is so.

Douglas said...

A lot of what I did for 25 years before I retired was fix things that others had broken, made worse, or failed to fix.