Monday, June 1, 2009

Official Holy War

I find stupid humans entertaining. I myself have been known at times to be one of those stupid humans.

Today though, the stupidity is not my own.

People love sharing/shoving their opinions with other people. Hence the incredible success of web logging. Sometimes though they feel the need to share with people that don't care to know. Or to share with those people who couldn't possibly disagree with them more.

Human Resources.

For this and many other reasons companies rely on their Human Resources department to deal with all the "dirty" social messes humans create. Some companies expect you to act like a mindless automaton but people break out of those cages.

Without further ado, today's office squabble. :)

We have various lunchroom break areas in the buildings where I work. Many of these break rooms have stacks of magazines selflessly provided by the employees themselves when they signed up for the free 6 month trial they forgot to cancel in time.

Newsweek, in an obviously desperate attempt to save itself from the fate of many other failing publications, decided to fan the flames of the gay marriage debate, so to speak. Today I will not take or fake an opinion for the sake of argument. I mentioned before that this blog was an observation of office socialization and it will remain that.

I walk in this morning and right on top of the stack of magazines is this cover. Having seen my share of Yes on 8 stickers bumper stickers in the parking lot I knew this would not go uncontested. Low and behold less than 30 minutes later when I walked by to one of my appointments I decided to take a look.

The magazine was now on its face and a little booklet of Psalms was placed atop.

I couldn't help but smirk as I continued towards my destination. A few hours later I return to pick up my lunch bag from the refrigerator and the magazine is right side up, on top of the stack and ... oooh what's this? The sword and been drawn. They placed the book of Psalms teetering on the edge of the garbage bin. They didn't drop it into the can mind you but left it there as a reminder of how unwelcome those opinions were.

Every single time I walked through that break room, it was dead silent. Not a person in sight. Yet somehow I felt like I was in the middle of an old west stand off. I nuked my chicken cacciatore and sipped my soda pondering the secret identities of these two crusaders.

Minor events in human history no doubt and perhaps even a bit over dramatized by my imagination but I find the human psychology aspect of this passive war immensely entertaining.

Alas, they both kept their secret identities hidden.

It just goes to show you that no matter how hard you try,
nor how much you spend on an education you buy,
you will never truly abolish the ignorance of days gone by.


Iris said...

pretty funny stuff. I would like to see who they were. I like how you retell events!

Douglas said...

Very telling, I think. One wanted to add an opinion, a slant, and another did not. Which one was advocating an open mind?

Well written.

ryan said...

i wonder if the two people know each other and this undercover war has been going on for longer than you think. perhaps this is not the first secret battle. people do funny things.

i also wonder if they are women, because it seems women are a lot smarter about subtle things like that.

and then i suddenly had this thought... you're like a "watcher" in highlander whose job is to document these secret encounters. :) keep up the good work.

Iris said...

LOL @ Ryan's comment about them being women. Probably TRUE! LOL

HektikLyfe said...

>Iris: Thanks.

>Douglas: Thank you too. :) I understand the idea behind the open mind but forcing a specific religion to be accepting of your open mind is tantamount to the same travesties that Christianity is also known for during the Crusades no? Believe as we do or die? I say let them be. Their own inability to adapt will be their demise as time has shown.

>Ryan: There are a lot of borderline geriatric folk where I work so I'm sure you're right. This war has been going on for ages! I also think you are right about it being women. Men like to punch.

>Iris: Agreed.

jewlover2 said...

I am sometimes afraid to call myself Christian because I do not want to be grouped in w/ the what the world knows as Christianity these days...yikes!

Anonymous said...

I wonder who they were! Did you ever find out or has that magazine landed in the bin now?

HektikLyfe said...

>Jewlover2: I don't think there's anything wrong with being proud of what you are. It's when you start imposing your beliefs on others and handing out eternal damnation at your whim when you will get people on your case about your faith.

>Vivienne: Funny you brought this up but today I was warming up my lunch a borderline flamboyant individual stepped into the room, looked and around and put the magazine back on top. I guess he thought I wasn't observing. He didn't come in for anything else. The coffee, the fridge and the microwave were on my side of the room. Guess that nails one to the cross. The psalm book was long gone though. I'm sure that little thing will never see the light of day since this guy is still playing his game over a week later. More passionate about it I guess.