Monday, June 22, 2009

Area 51

This is Area 51.

For decades it has been the butt of all conspiracy jokes and alien crash landing rumors. Though I thoroughly enjoy the thought provoking conversations spurred by the topic the realist in me doesn't allow me to believe any of it.

What I DO believe is a little scarier.

The map itself isn't too interesting. Some weird road markings on the dry lake bed but that can be explained away by what I really think used to go on over there. Experimental aircraft. That theory has been kicked around a lot and I tend to believe that since it is the most likely. They had the Stealth airplanes over 60 years ago. I wonder what they are playing with now?

So I start zooming around on the map and focus on other nearby easy to spot lake beds. I scroll around one that is relatively the same size. At first it seems pretty boring until I scroll up. There are rows and rows of little artificial sand hills. Some with roads leading up to the top and some without.

Whatever it is, something is being dug up over there. Unless they are just sweeping up the desert. The farther up you go, the stranger they get. Some appear more like uprising then dumping zones. You know, like anthills? Take a look at this one and better yet the ground around it. It looks different, almost burnt or sunken under the immense weight of the large mountain piled atop.

...and what is with that huge circle road? One crosses it and offers a shorter path, why take the long way?

Feeling sidetracked I decided to get back on track. I zoomed out and back into the nearest, largest dry lake bed I found.

I don't know if you can see what I see but here's a closer shot of it.

I thought that looked like a target. Those square areas with what look like water pools may be just that. Why? Who knows. Perhaps they are trying to find out why the bed dried up and if it could still hold water?

Again I zoomed out and across what I lovingly refer to as burnt hill to the West where there is another dry bed and yet another "target."

Now they COULD be digging for water...but I don't see any trails leading to or from the little scorches. My theory? I think they are testing high powered space based weapons.

Think I'm far off? Here's a quote from Boieng's website. "Boeing Tests Entire Weapon System on Advanced Tactical Laser Aircraft."

Northrop Grumman is also in the race. "Laser weapon design hits 100-kilowatt target."

We're all toast.


Douglas said...

We're all toast.

Possibly... but only if the "other guys" have it.

HektikLyfe said...

If they don't already, don't you think we will eventually sell it to them?

Douglas said...

Either that, or they'll steal it in some way. Those that think we are the Evil Empire are the most likely sources of information for those who would like to see us destroyed. the sad thing is that sometimes we elect these people to national offices.

HektikLyfe said...

Perhaps it was this weapon that China purportedly "failed" to shoot down with that rocket some time ago.

eizzy.k said...

Hmmm...super weird! but highly probable...seems like everyone is doing the weapons thing these days...another arms race between the west and east (USA, Korea, Iran and the usual suspects)?
(Nice shots btw)

Douglas said...

The problem is always... if we don't develop it, would that mean no one else would? Arms races have been inevitable since man picked up a stone to throw or a stick to hit with.

HektikLyfe said...

Are we completely sure about that? That kind of thinking led us to near nuclear war. We would have to set a precedent. Show the world, as the world leaders we claim to be, that we need to change direction. Or is it necessary to wait until we have a strong enough common enemy to be a threat in order to unite?

I understand the investigation and discovery of the product I guess, but where lies the justification for mass production?

jewlover2 said...

I want to be pumpernickel! If I'm going to be toast, I should at least be able to decide what kind. ;-)

Hektik, I wanted to send you a private message but wasnt sure how. Thanks to your Now On Video site, I have been asked to contribute movie reviews to a new magazine coming out of the UK. I'm going to have my own column and am the only on staff reviewer for the magazine. I'm thrilled and they found me on your site!



HektikLyfe said...

WOW! Congratulations! It is well deserved.

Don't forget us little people! XO)