Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Whale of a Tail

I started writing this blog post and it got really lengthy. I decided to scrap it, start over and if need be save the full version for another project I have in mind for a much later date.

For now I will get to the point.

When I was younger, a female friend asked me to describe my preferences in the female form to put it kindly. The subject of female behinds came up after a while and since I wasn't exactly a derriere connoisseur after some extensive, purely observational, research I came to the conclusion that I preferred ones that moved.

As opposed of course to the hard, gym muscle man-butt type female behind.

My friend was shocked and confused by this admission. Since I was in High School I immediately felt self conscious and thought I was weird but I argued my point. I attempted to explain to her in a way she could understand that my justification for this was because I appreciated the fact that when there was movement, you were made AWARE that there was a live person there. The hard muscled ones may as well have been mannequins. She replied after the laughter died down that she understood when I put it that way.

What about you? Do you have a preference of palate with your partners petuckus?


Douglas said...

I plead marriage.

Marcy said...

Firm. Not muscular but firm. There's a difference.

Anonymous said...

hm that's quite interesting, men do prefer 'something to hold on to' don't they. I've come to the conclusion that Fernando must like my (small can I just add) fat roll otherwise he wouldnt' keep going back to it!

I have funny taste. I don't mind the muscly guys at the gym to look at, would never go out with a guy like that. I prefer someone with a bit of a belly. To me that means they have a healthy appetite (just like me) and are lovable. :)

jewlover2 said...

I like my honey's booty just like it is...fuzz and all. Incidentally, he doesnt have one really. :)

HektikLyfe said...

>Douglas: So do I. This is a topic she and I have discussed at length and is actually what inspired this posting.

>Marcy: True, there is a middle ground.

>Vivienne: I don't know, some guys out there like the waif's. Personally....ilk. I would never want a significant other to have the behind of a 13 year old boy....gross. There is a lot to be said about those who are fit.

>Jewlover2: Awwww... I think guy behinds are the saddest thing. I don't really think we have anything...visually appealing. I feel sorry for you girls. (And the occasional guy.) Or could it just be that I don't have an eye it?

Iris said...

I prefer the firm ones, but I can understand men who like some jiggle.