Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Good 30 Minutes Wasted

So I'm sitting hear watching the clock. Trying to make up time for time lost in traffic today and I'm researching radar detectors to warn you of potential speed traps on

On the right side I see some convenience buttons. They read as follows;

Add to Wish List

OK, that sounds perfectly reasonable. You have a birthday coming up and your wife asks you to make a list. That makes perfect sense.

Add to Shopping List

That works too. You are comparing products or pricing and you know you want to ship them all together, OK. That works.

Add to Wedding Registry

Well, that's a stretch but it would make a funny gift for the guy who's in a rush to "get away." Or it could just be a gift idea from a wife that doesn't want to change her man's bad habits and instead helps in any way she can. That kind of works.

Add to Baby Registry



The idea seemed really funny to me. Then I thought, "I want to create the most inappropriate Amazon Baby Registry EVARRRR!"

Now don't get me wrong, I don't think child abuse is funny at all but the idea that there COULD exist such a Baby Registry seems really wrong and yet somehow funny to me. I needed stress relief today and this helped a little. Hopefully it will bring a guilty smirk to your faces as well.

HektikLyfe Jr.'s Baby Registry <--Click Here to See More Terrible, Terrible Things

Consider yourself warned, those sensitive to crude immature humor need not apply. One of these items is a book with 101 Shot Put Drills and it only goes downhill from there.

EDIT: NOW lets see what kind of weirdo ads I get!


Vivienne said...

well well well, you've been bored haven't you! :)
BEtter than me, I've spent two days in bed with a cold coz my friends baby sneezed in my face on Saturday. SO cute....NOT.

Anywho, interesting thing pour vous - guess what I saw at the £1 shop the other day - thongs, yes THONGS for 2 year olds. In pink with a hello kitty at the front!

Marcy said...

I like the choke chain. Very effective parenting tool. Not that I would know or anything...

You still have the girls undie ad on the page, btw...

Iris said...

OMG I am cracking up so much looking at the registry! You are a GENIUS! LMAOOOOO! I never thought of this LOL! Imagine what the website moderator must be thinking LOL! XD

Sarah Jane said...

Add more to it!!! I think this is a funny idea. Adding things to a list on Amazon is stress-relieving, I agree.

HektikLyfe said...

>Vivienne: That's funny, I just caught a cold. I bet it's big medicine releasing strains... Anywho,things for kids. That's just messed up.

>Marcy: Yeah. Out of all the stuff on this page it's curious that their algorithm selected those topics and combined them.

>Iris: That was exactly what I was thinking.

>Sarah: I did originally have a lot more but I started to feel really bad about them. What if some government agency hits this page in some random search and finds whips and a ball gag in that list. The sense of humor with which it was intended would be lost in front of a jury of parents.