Monday, May 4, 2009

Lunch Browsin'

Just before lunch I had a second to I kind of regret it.

Sheep sure are soft! Or: What happens when androids dream of sheep.

Get up on this! Or: Interesting stool sample.

Big Mac? Never knew that was a dog's name. Garfffff! (The fun starts at 2:56)


Iris said...

I started watching the sheep sheering one and had to stop it. I feel bad, although I can tell the animal is not in pain. I wouldn't want anyone tying me up and chopping off my hair :( Now, I feel guilty for wearing wool.

Iris said...

Oh and the meat video was skipping for me, so I have to wait to watch it somewhere better. That stool! OUCH! Well not really. But it looks like ouch. :D

HektikLyfe said...

Yeah. Its a subconscious thing with that stool. I would never sit on that. Its like an accident waiting to happen. A terrible, TERRIBLE accident.