Thursday, February 26, 2009

Watchless Watch

My favorite watch isn't even a watch. This bluetooth device tells you who's calling on a sweet LCD Caller ID and even has a little button that allows you to hang up and put the caller directly to voice mail without forcing you to dig your phone out of your pocket or take it out of its sleeve.

NICE! Plus its only $50. Negatives? It doesn't tell you the time...but meh, who cares about time anyway?

You could also get it for $32.50 with a different strap.


Douglas said...

The next version will undoubtedly tell you the time. Because that will be the #1 desired additional feature. This will have two advantages for the maker. 1. They planned on doing this anyway since it is easy to implement. 2. It will more than double the sales. The original buyers will want to "upgrade" and the reluctant buyers will now have no excuse not to buy the "new" version.

Iris said...

Beautiful! You can ask the person you are talking to for the time anyway

Dawnie said...

man i would need to go back to school to learn all this technical crap. the one thing i hate,, HATE is this wouldnt intrigue me, well the hanging up part would lol

Sarah Jane said...

Douglas makes an EXCELLENT point!

ryan said...

cool! it's like one of those "life bands" that are in all the sci-fi movies... soon it will be able to show all your vital signs and shoot lasers out of it, all while telling you the time in a sexy computer voice.

i also think it should work like a speaker phone... so you can actually talk into it... hands free for driving... right?


Anonymous said...

very funky item. it's like one of those devices they use in james bond movies.

and am over the moon yes! cant quite believe it!

also - the little person in your about me bit - how did you make him???

HektikLyfe said...

>Douglas: I'm sure you are right though I don't know if I would use that function all that much anymore.

>Iris: Very funny. "Why bother when you can have someone else do it for you." :)

>Dawnie: You jest but that is exactly what makes this device great. Think of how many theaters and meetings this quick, easy to reach hang up button would save.

>Ryan: There ARE watch phones but they are really, REALLY ugly. I like that this one keeps it slim and simple and within a price range I usually search for with watches.

>Vivienne: He is from my XBox Live account. You have a 360 don't you?

ryan said...

hey, hektikLyfe. have you heard of "siftables"? for some reason this watch thing made me think of them.