Friday, May 23, 2008

Computer Guy Modus Operandi

Countless times have I complained about interruptions while at work. People just don't seem to get it. If I am walking somewhere, my intention is to get there. I have no recreational purpose to get up and walk away from my desk. If I am walking somewhere and I am carrying something that makes it even more obvious.

You would think that wouldn't you?

Some people though, are so very dense. They don't seem to understand that a simple, "Oh by the way..." or a " that you are here..." aren't as delicate, tiny and unobtrusive as they think they are.

Usually we can resolve issues remotely with no need to get up from our desks. So if we are actually moving, then it is urgent.

Perhaps if I use more simple imagery that a user could understand it would sink in.

Think of me like an ambulance, not an ice cream truck. Feel free to stop the ice cream truck whenever you want. The ice cream truck drives around looking for customers. "Hey you over there, would you like a deliciously decadant artery clogging snack?" We PC guys don't walk around whistling with nothing to do but to ask everyone if there is anything we can do for them.

Don't EVER flag down an ambulance. When we are walking somewhere we ALWAYS have our lights and sirens on. You don't stand in front of a racing ambulance with your petty questions about your personal computer at home or why your work computer doesn't play FreeCell anymore. Let that simmer for a bit.

Now fill out a service request form, follow the rules given to you on the computer use policy you signed and let us do our job.


Iris said...

You are not an ice cream truck! I am so considerate with our IT guys here at work. I know that they are always busy. I wish they would be as considerate with you.

HektikLyfe said...

There are some. Perhaps I gave the wrong impression.

Not everyone is like this. There are some really great people to work with. But there are those few that leave quite the impression.

Those that don't understand your skills and treat you like a lowly mechanic.

Those few jerks I can't stand. They have no idea that I, and most other people in my field, could learn to do their job within a week.