Monday, November 28, 2011

Strange Dreams (1-8-7) 42 Reads

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The past few nights I've had some pretty strange dreams.  Strange to me.

1.  Carlos Cordova

One of my cousin's had a boyfriend and later fiancé, that I got along well with.  I don't do male friendships well but something about this easy going guy made him a cool person to hang around with.  He was "older," (Probably younger than I am now) and he played video games.  We clicked pretty well and I would be the third wheel when I was in my early years of High School and just hang out with them some days.  They broke up and that was the end of that.  A few years later I heard he was doing pretty bad and spent some time in jail.

The Dream:

Out of nowhere, over 10 years after I had heard any news of him.  I see him in a dream.  I'm in line and he walks by in a crowd.  I see him and wave toward him.  Part of me feels some fear over what his reaction might be.  After all, he'd been to jail, I don't know if he's the same person anymore.  That was it.  I woke up just as he looked over to me but I don't think he recognized me.

2.  Tattoo

Recently I posted something about how I don't like the idea behind tattoo's or anyone's defense of them.  I don't think any less of the people that get them but I would never get one myself.

The Dream:

So I had this dream that I had a big one on my back of a dragon.  A freakin' dragon!  All the time having these discussions about how I think they're bad for you and pointless and such and I had a huge one.  I was a big ol hypocrite and I hated myself for it.  I kept thinking to myself, "Why would I feel this way."

Weird.  But that's it.  I just wanted to write them down.  I wonder if that hypocritical dream was caused by the hypocritical stance many video game "haters" take?

Just a thought.


TATTOO An experience that has left an indelible memory or mark. Being bitten by a dog may leave a permanent fear of dogs. Being hurt emotionally by someone may have a similar effect. A tattoo could also represent the effect on self of personal habits or efforts. It might occasionally refer to how you gain identity, or what group you identify with.

To dream that you have tattoos, represents individuality and the desire to stand out in a crowd. You want to be unique and different from everybody else, particularly if you do not have any tattoos in real life. Consider also what the tattoo is.

Tattoos may represent those things in our lives that seem only "skin deep" but may be interesting and fun. They could represent our thinking, our playful ways, and our seemingly unimportant habits. As time progresses, we may realize that our passing fads have become permanent. Thus, a tattoo may be symbolic of something that we inflict on ourselves, is permanent if not deep, and generally carries with it some negativity.
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If you dream you are a tattoo artist and you are tattooing someone's body you will soon break with friends or family over strange practices.
If you dream you are the one being tattooed you will become the target for a strangers jealousy but if you see someone else with tattoos then you will take a long, hard journey from home.

Bring Me Water: 
If you dream of good friends in a congenial and happy setting then you will soon here good new of them or a close relative. If they exhibit staunch friendship for you in your dream then all your current activities will be successes. If you see them as sad or unhappy you will receive news of an illness
To see a dragon in your dream signifies that you let yourself get carried away by your passion. This kind of behavior may lead you into the hands of enemies.  You need to exercise some self-control.
In the eastern cultures, dragons are seen as spiritual creatures symbolizing good luck and fortune.

I don’t dream that often, which really sucks because I love dreaming. Mine range from weird to scary. And in most of them I can control what happens (coolest part). And then when I do remember them I forget to write them down.
It’s cool trying to analyze other people’s dreams. Does any of this stuff mean anything to you? Do you believe in dream analysis?

Apple Something: Those dream interpretations are so interesting.  I hate it when I get vague meanings, tho. 
Speaking of controlling your dreams, its called "lucid dreaming".  Its when you know you're asleep and dreaming.  I've tried to realize myself into a lucid dream before.  The one time I remember doing it was a few years ago.  It was highly sexual.  I will spare everyone.  I could have done so much more or been more creative with the surroundings but it is actually really hard to do that when you know your dream is a blank slate.  There are so many things to "paint" if you will.
 No Name: I know about strange dreams...lately I have been having this dream of me escaping a burning building. I couldn't find my husband or cat...very weird..hummm lol
 HektikLyfe: I wonder if a more appropriate term for dreams should now be Subconscious Hallucinations since we're not completely Unconscious...  
 Apple Something: I recommend watching "Waking Life".  I know I've mentioned it before.  You've probably seen it?
It's at the top of our Netflix queue.  We should be getting A Scanner Darkly today too.