Monday, November 14, 2011

Atypical Blog (12-12-06) 31 Reads

(Update:  This one is light on the content but I'm posting it because it was more of a sort of journal.  A good example of what was going on in my life at the time.)

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Atypical for me that is.

Which means, short and non-controversial.

It's that time of year again.  My friends list has inexplicably grown to over 60.    I like to keep my list of only active people.  (...and the few obligatories.)  So I am going to start chopping heads right now.

Constant Reader need not be concerned.

For those that are knew to this habit of mine, I do this every now and then.  Get rid of people that don't participate.  It's nothing personal, I just know it's not a contest.

Now that my home PC is re-built, I'm done with the DVD project and is dead I will have more time and I will be getting back to blogging.

(BTW: Firefox/Opera/Mozilla lovers, see that hard return in the paragraph above?  That's the kind of funky shit Mozilla does here on MySpace.)


Wife: I wonder how many people you deleted.

witchy woman:  you know XXXXX, I am one of your oldest friends, don't make me hurt you. LOL!!!!

Molly Grace:This is scary... makes me nervous...
Wife: I don't think Molly has anything to worry about.

Jenny Girl: I agree.  I just recently sent out a bulletin/warning as well.  I was up to 141 people and to be honest, I only communicate with probably 30 of those people, even less on a more daily basis. 
It's hard though, because I have finally cut my list down to people I for the most part know - either family or friends high school, college, old jobs or whatever, so though we may not communicate on a regular basis through MySpace, I have a hard time deleting them, knowing I may still hear from them via the phone or regular e-mail or even receive a Christmas card from them, but MySpace just isn't a main line of communication for them personally.  It's tough.
Anyway, I've cut my list down a bit more, but I'm still over 100 and if I didn't have the friend-guilt of deleting, I'd too chop it down to about 30 or so.  Much more desirable to me.  (I take my MySpacing very seriously!)
None the less, I'm thankful to have met your online brilliance through your lovely wife, and I look forward to a year of HektikLyfe (and Wyfe) wisdom and wit.
Tis the Season and Happy Holidays!

Apple Something:
Hahahah, way to stay on his list, Jenny!
My friends list is ridiculous.

 Wife: ok thanks