Monday, October 3, 2011

Exhaling Negativity (5-18-07) 37 Reads

(Update:  OK let me first apologize for this one.  I was being a whinny bitch.  I was posting blogs that weren't getting much activity and then the people who were subscribed to my blogs would post...similarly themed blogs and they would get hundreds of comments and it was pissing me off.  I didn't point that little fact out then, I couldn't.)

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No fancy artwork title today, I'm on my PDA and also feeling a little negative. (Message to my frequent readers: this us NOT about you, it's directed towards those quiet ghosts.) (Quiet ghosts were the people who would read your blog and not say a word.)

What is it that you guys do so right?

I put a lot of time, thought and consideration into what other people would like to discuss. I don't even get half the comments other thoughtless (and frequently typo riddled) one sentence blogs get.

What am I doing wrong? I've stated time and again that I welcome disagreements and discussions. Even that doesn't get people talking. I even joined a few blog groups, which was demeaning, to try to trump up some activity.

Honestly I'd rather listen to what my friends had to say but after some suggestions I decided to pimp myself out like that.

If you have any ideas or suggestions that you feel might convince people to speak up, please let me know. I hope its either the subject matter or the way I write. Currently I feel it may be me personally. Other people write the same shit I write about and they get rave responses. I participate in other people's blogs and sometimes it seems as if they're trying to pretend I don't exist. I've had people delete entire blogs after my comments. What the hell!?

If you're reading this and you're feeling guilty because you've done that, don't. I can count a total of five different people in my short list of acquaintances that have done that so don't feel bad but at least do me the honor of telling me what I did wrong. Did it anger you that I disagreed with you? Did I make a crude joke? Did I prove you wrong? Was I wrong?

Meh. I'm just venting. Don't feel obligated to respond. Keep pretending like I'm not really here. Tomorrow is a new day and I'll be over it.


(Apparently there were a lot of comments but they were deleted by MySpace)

Lynn: I totally agree with everyone!!! I also feel the same way noone really takes the time to comment but yet they are a part of your blog group.....its hard for me so I will begin with an apology....I really dont have that much time on my hands like I use to with the kids house work and other things going on....but to anyone who doesnt take time to read the intellectual ( I hope I spelled that right) blogs you write may be its because they arent able to read and understand many big words or it just isnt short.......hope you find the right solution for you and that things (MySpace neutered comment.)

Rahcool: Don't feel bad man, usually people comment on blogs that are kind of dumb and that don't really require them to think. There's really nothing you can do to spark enthusiasm. It's like if Noam Chomsky felt bad that most people don't read his work so instead he began writing another Harry Potter sequel. You have to decide if you want to blog about your personal meaningful observations about life, or if you want to write so people read what you write. If you remember correctly we used to have heated discussions on my blogs but my blogs are becoming (MySpace neutered comment.)
You know what, I think you guys are totally right.  Now that I think about it my blogs HAVE been rather self-centered.
I'm going to try harder to write more...socially acceptable blogs.
Your input is much appreciated.

 Wife: I think you should invite more people to subscribe to your blogs. And I think you should join a blogging group and invite those participating people to be your friends and subscribe to your blogs as well.