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Why I.T. guys are jerks (6-21-07) 65 Reads

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Do you have a computer department where you work?  Ever wonder why most
guys that work in that department are mean and bitter?  I hope to answer
these questions, (AND MORE!!) in the following blog I have titled;

Why I.T. guys are jerks

To be a member of the "elite" I.T. department usually takes years, an
education and a pretty hefty debt.  It doesn't pay as well as it used to so
if you think we're rolling in cash you are terribly mistaken.  Most of the
cash that goes into our departments goes right back to buy hardware we use
to support all the "users."  Both on your desktops and in the back office
which "users" may never see.  The technology we use and the science behind
it changes frequently.  Unlike most other fields where there are only minor
changes or modifications to the current procedures or regulations, a
completely new set of technical skills is required whenever there is a major
change.  This happens every few years.  So we have to be on our toes
constantly learning unlike most other careers.  That said, in order to
properly support our "users" we must have an intimate understanding of what
those "users" do.  This basically means we have to know how to do their job.

Yes, all of them.

So next time you call for help to find a file that you deleted, or you wonder why your data always disappears when you have magnets stuck all over youR computer, or you can't figure out why your computer keeps shutting down
after you spilled coffee on it (but wiped it off "really quick") keep these
things in mind.

1.  We make less money than you.
2.  We have a higher education than you.  (Therefore we owe more money than
3.  We can probably do your job and usually everyone else's that we support.
4.  We take the blame for the mistakes you make.
5.  We ALWAYS have something to do but we still stop to help you when we are on our way to help someone else.
6.  We have to accept the fact that there is no such thing as an uninterruptable lunch.
7.  There is no such thing as off the clock for us so Saturday at the Mall questions are common.
8.  People only talk to us when something has gone horribly wrong.
9.  People are only nice to us when we walk by with some new equipment.
10. A flat-screen will NOT make you work faster and we know it.


Wife: YES! I was finally able to read this! I loved this blog. And your banners are so awesome! :) Because you are in IT, I always make it a point to be extra nice to our IT people. I always say thank you and please and "when you have time no rush"

Bring me water: my IT guy isnt that bad.. he's pretty nice.. but i do hear him complain about all that you said. especially when he's on call. good blog!

Molly: Haaaaahahha!! This is great! I work for XXXXXXX Computer Training Center in XXXXXXXXX. I work in the Operations department, which incorporates our facilities (IT) department. This is all sooooo true. We are the lowest paid department, yet with the highest amount of "need" from our coworkers. And hahaha to flat screen will not make you work faster... This is a great blog!

HektikLyfe: It is also an interesting side-effect that since we go under people's desks to connect the occasional PC, they see us like they would janitorial or maintenance employee's.

We're like mechanics with a college debt.

 Brother: With 17 years of experience in this field I have more comments to add.

11. Our job is never secure. Managers are always exploring great new ideas to outsource the I.T. functions sometimes to people in India who make like $20 week!
12. Our leaders don't even understand what we do, yet they don't hesitate to take credit for our accomplishments.
13. Our "real" work has to happen at the "convenience" of the  (MySpace in all its wisdom decided to cut all long responses including this one so we will never know.)

Lynn:wow........makes loads of sense thanks!! yeah flats screens work the same they just look nice......the more they have to learn the more they should get paid because the more other people learn they get a raise right? for example....a legal secretary learns how to use new equipment or to do dictations the owner decides that she/he is worth more and the mear fact that i.t techs have to learn more and more due to the change in the procedures and so on and they still get paid the same is not a fair trade. We should appreciate them and say thank you more ofen maybe (another MySpace neutered comment.)

HektikLyfe: I apologize on behalf of Tom's punk ass and his desire to "add" new features i.e. take away and fuck up basic text.