Monday, September 26, 2011

About You - Stored (7-4-07) 40 Reads

(Update:  OK this one needs a little explanation.  For those of you that remember MySpace you'll remember a section called About You.  Usually it was just filled with information you wanted the world to know about you.  No one ever really looked at it or commented on it.  I wanted to make it more social so I posted a blog about all my friends on MySpace with short lines describing who they were to me with links to their pages so they could also befriend each other.)

(¯`•¸·´¯) ThaLia (¯`·¸•´¯)    Old neighbor, now friend of the family.
*~XoXoXOxOxO~*    Cousin. I used to take care of her a lot when she was in diapers.
•·.·´¯`·.·•BiG V•·.·    Cuz-in-law and one of the first to openly welcome me to the family. :)
AkiGen!    Poetic cuz-in-law and wife of Oni.
Albondiga    Friend-in-law.
Apple Something    Trendy, original and blunt mutual friend, gracious host, wonderful mother, wife of Papaya Whatever, co-creator of the Blythe Lyfe movies and shopowner.
beach bum    Gamer I met at E3 with aspirations to become a Videogame editor. Good luck!
Blythe Lyfe    The profile we created to better manage and share our Blythe Lyfe projects.
C.    My brother. He's no longer active on MySpace but he's my brother.
Charley    Easy going and creative guy I met on MySpace and now play frequently on XBox Live.
DebiDeb    Cuz-in-law. Always a great host and I can frequently look forward to her bringing a smile to my wife's face.
E-MAN    Bro-in-law. Young, still enjoying life and therefore not around as much as we'd like him to be.
Eydie ?'s Clinty!    Cousin. Close cousin's way back in the day but we grew apart and up until recently began communicating more frequently thanks to MySpace.
Gabriel aka Shikamaru    Friend of a sister-in-law's ex-boyfriend and one helluva Halo 2 player and a great XBox Live opponent.
Hektiklyfe and Hektikwyfe    A profile we created for the sole purpose of uploading our little music projects.
HektikWyfe    The world's best wife. Baker, caretaker, business professional and still quite the homemaker!
Jenny Girl    Friend-in-law, MySpace acquaintance and regular blogger.
John Henry    Friend of a sister-in-law's ex-boyfriend and one helluva Halo 2 player and a great XBox Live opponent.
Love Neverending    Old High School buddy. I think we found each other through Classmates? Maintained occasional communication since then.
Lzbth    Friend-in-law. Creative and funny.
Me llamo Jonathan    MySpace acquaintance. Recent XBox Live opponent.
Molly    Friend-in-law and frequent blogger.
morbidangel    Creativity flows effortlessly from this person. Met as a Blythe Lyfe fan and has now become a frequent communicator with the ladies of the Blythe Lyfe series.
nine inch nels™    XBox Live regular. Good honest player.
Oni    Cuz-in-law-in-law. XP
papaya whatever    Jokingly self-described as tall, handsome and good smelling, he truly is a humble and gracious host. Incredibly quick witted, hard working and fantastic cook. Husband of Apple Something.
Phantom Lord    Bro-in-law and Zero's favorite playmate.
RAHCOOL    Husband of sis-in-law's old friend and fellow controversial blogger. We frequently agree to disagree but it's usually quite the battle before we get there, great fun.
Sarah@AppleSomethings    Apple Something's creativity shop. Stylish accessories, clothing and other doo-dads designed by her.
Smile : ) (AKA Bring Me Water) RIP   Frequent blogger and one of a small group of individuals that reads and comments on mine. Much appreciated! :)
you dont listen to trance... you feel it.    I can't say enough about this guy's intelligence and maturity. Good kid I see going places. Always helpful and participating whenever I come up with some whacky scheme.


Nine Inch Nels: I feel special. lol. you're gonna go up on my top thingy now! XD

Lynn: thats so sweet thank you!! i guess in some weird way poetry runs in the family.......all of us have that passion some share it in song, others drawing, and like me....writing! thanks for putting me up primo!! many hugs!

Rahcool: That is a great, accurate description.

Apple Something: Aww, I wish you guys would make more musics. Me likey dem.

Wife:  Thank you for taking the time to write this.