Friday, September 4, 2009


Life is precious. Even to those people who mistreat their own bodies and others'. Even those people who kill. Their own life is precious or they wouldn't be trying so hard to survive beyond their means.

We often fight and bicker amongst ourselves and I find myself caught up in it. Once in a while I like to pause. Reflect on the things that have just transpired and it makes me laugh.

When I pause and look around at the world surrounding me, the trees, the clouds, the sun (indirectly of course) I contemplate the unlikeliness of our existence and it makes me smile. Here we are, arguing about the stupidest possible things.

"I want that office because that office has 2 more square feet."

"I can't believe she said that about me."

"President Obama said THAT!?! If you agree you're obviously ignorant."

Take the sun for example. Today is hot. That source of light and life is on average about 93 million miles away. 93 MILLION. We can't even feel the heat from a decent sized fire that is only a few feet away at a campsite.

Can you fathom that?

There is something so simple and miraculous up there that is, as far as I understand what I have been told is what Science currently understands, the entire reason we exist at all. It's up there, burning. Forging. Giving light and energy.

That is one little item in the sky full of billions and we bitch and bicker about really dumb shit that makes me angry that we don't appreciate sometimes.

Perhaps I'm going a bit overboard in my work frustrations but as I get older I get less and less patient with those people who believe that their needs supersede everyone else's. Everything is ASAP and must be put at the top of everyone's priority list though it clearly shouldn't and is more often then not in clear violation of company policy.

Even my own complaints are insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

I apologize for the disorderly rant but I am SO ready for the weekend, aren't you?


Iris said...

I totally am. Thank you for putting this in perspective. I had a busy and crazy week at work for petty reasons,

Douglas said...

Is that what ambition is about? Is this at the heart of all troubles? Perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Heeeeeeeeeey you're back! :)
yes, unfortunately the week is back on...nice post though. I was in a foul mood this morning because people stood so close to me in rush hour and I hardly slept because Fernando snored all night but this has made me smile - thank you!

HektikLyfe said...

>Iris: I get angry a lot for petty things. I like pausing.

>Douglas: Ambition? I think people confuse ambition for drive. Drive doesn't necessarily take you anywhere if you don't know where you're going.

>Vivienne: Back to a degree. My new work assignment keeps me VERY busy and blogging to a minimum. Which I guess is a good thing. After all, only one of them pays. ;)

BridgetStephanie. said...
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BridgetStephanie. said...

As always, a blog post I enjoyed reading.
It's fascinating that many people think about this too (including myself).
Right on.