Friday, September 11, 2009

Blurbs - Convenient Recollection

Today has officially been named National Day of Service and Remembrance Day.

I wonder how many hundreds of thousands of dollars it cost to have Washington put that useless label on the day. Sure I feel bad for those who suffered. Sure I feel bad for the families that suffered losses, for the businesses that suffered afterward and everyone in the U.S. basically that suffered from the attack. How does this help? Almost 10 years later.

It isn’t a holiday. Businesses don’t shut down. Are we supposed to greet each other with “Happy National Day of Service and Remembrance Day?” Or is this only to spur support for this war no one wants to be a part of but those that stand to gain financially from it?

Washington, keep your label and instead have all your employees donate 1 day’s pay to help fix our crappy public education system. Or just donate those funds to the families that lost members during the event or the invasion that followed.

Good mourning. (I wrote this blog in the morning but got caught up at work.)


There is NO MORE...ignore the read more link. Instead take a look at the other 9/11 blogs I've posted in the past. :)


Rebecca Welch said...

I read your blog.

Ditto-every word.

Happy 20 years from now it will be yet another excuse to trot out American Flags made in China and have a mattress sale day.

HektikLyfe said...

Thanks. :) I am really glad someone still does! At one point in time I must have offended almost everyone with the topics I cover.

I have a couple in the works right now that...can be touchy.