Friday, May 22, 2009

Holiday Segregation

(I started this post a long time ago but didn't finish it until now. I've been...busy.)

I have some beef with everyone. Segregation is wrong correct? The idea that one group of people should be forcefully separated from another is looked down upon by everyone but the most racist in our midst.

So why do we, in the United States, still have African-American History Month? Now I understand the significance of the recognition that successful and influential African Americans deserve and for that memory to be recalled and acknowledged by everyone. But I question why it has to be jumbled into one month specifically. Why aren't some of these events and celebrations spread out throughout the entire year?

Do we really need a special month when it is "OK" to talk about the historical influence of African-Americans? Does that month really "reimburse" them for their years of oppression?

I bet that elementary schools reserve certain topics in order to cover them special month. Aren't we doing a disservice to the unification of cultures?

I see it as saying, "We're all the same, but we belong to different clubs that we can NEVER be a part of together." Its that same ignorance that keeps people from acknowledging that 50% of Obama isn't what we say he is.

Personally I think it is more important that he is of multicultural heritage. It symbolizes a new generation of people. Looking forward as a mixed culture country to a mixed culture world where we should all work together to overcome all challenges.

Is it pure coincidence that they gave them the shortest month of the year? I wonder who had a hand in that? When I think of February I think of one color and that color is pink.

Mexicans get one day,
The 5th of May,
and its a day most true Mexicans don't celebrate anyway.

I know it is not my place to fight a war that isn't my own but I just never saw it as logical to do this. I feel they are just throwing a bone to the activists.

"Here, have a month, we'll plaster your hero's all over T.V. now shut the fuck up."

It just seems wrong to me.


ryan said...

i agree. a mixing of various holidays throughout the year would seem more appropriate.

i remember that in college, many people at the school also dubbed this month "the feel bad for being white" month.

there is always that delicate balance that must be reached. acknowledging injustice as well as accomplishment, while at the same time not alienating others.

yep, i'm a facebook user... but i can stop anytime i want... :)

Marcy said...

This is a tough one. When my daughter went to school in Chicago, they did spend the month of Feb covering African American topics. Of course, they also spent the better part of November talking about Native Americans because we all know that they were at the first Thanksgiving. I don't think November is "Native American" month, is it?

HektikLyfe said...

>Ryan: We can all quit whenever we want can't we! ;)

>Marcy: I don't think it is officially Native American month but we don't ever show respect for them during any other part of the year. We mock the poor natives with children in paper headdresses and pay them off by turning a blind eye to their Casino's. Personally I think they had it worst of all the people that were exploited in the creation of the United States and somehow, they get even less recognition.


That's it, I'm starting my own picket! ;)

Marcy said...

I agree...
My husband teaches at a Native American high school in Montana. Even after living on the southside of Chicago for close to 9 years, really didn't prepare me for the blatant racism here. The Native Americans have to live each day with the stigma of being alcoholics and drug users even though there are a lot who aren't. Such a shame...

jewlover2 said...

Interesting topic. I agree. I feel that there would be a huge uproar if we were to have an Irish American History month...:) God forbid.

I find that politics in public school has crossed the boundaries in some cases. My son is 9 and we are politically neutral. It is very difficult for teachers not to put in their 'two cents' about this and make commens to our son (when they should be making the comments to us). They also find it difficult to devote the necessary time and study to Black History month since the majority of people in our area are openly racist. The existence of holidays like this only add fuel to the 'fire'..

HektikLyfe said...

>Marcy: That really sucks. I think it would be cool if we could just have a "Founding Cultures Day" or something were we would pay tribute to all the different cultures that were sacrificed in the creation of this country. INCLUDING the English who I firmly believe we spit in the face of every time we celebrate Independence Day. What a terrible way to thank our greatest ally in this ever growing violent world.

>Jewlover2: Yeah, St. Patrick's Day doesn't count. I would think that does more of a disservice than anything. I distinctly remember hearing some...politically incorrect teachings in elementary school.

I intend to post one of my memories as a blog soon.