Thursday, July 31, 2008


I have another blog where I post interesting things I find on the internet called The Rambler. It was my old original blog created back in 2005. For that same reason I have kept from deleting it. I have maintained it as a silo of sorts for internet crap. Even though that particular blog is older than The Silent Podium, I haven't garnered near as much response as I have here. So I am testing the waters.

I am contemplating combining the two but I don't know if you guys will think it is a waste of space. They are usually just interesting photos with a short commentary. Let me know if I should leave them where they are.

Girls Need Better Gaydar

You know how some girls think they can get away with anything in the presence of guys? Well, usually they are right on the money. They just toss their hair and giggle or switch and they can get away with highway robbery. This is not the case with our fancier friends of the male gender. Boys don't play that way.

Apparently there was a Facebook water war in London. This particular girl, thinking that while she had a wet t-shirt she could get away with anything, thought red punch might make things more interesting.

Little did she know, punch was just what she would be getting in return!

Girl: "Tee-hee" Gayboy: "Oh no you di'n't just stain my Anorexic & Bitch blouse!"


Any hope at this girl thinking she looked sexy was lost the moment her marshbellow mushed out.

So how do I know he's gay? He hit a girl in the face full force. No man secure with his masculinity would do that regardless of any possible history or humiliation.

Friday, July 25, 2008

So I Edited a Wikipedia Entry Today - Parental Advisory

Do not read the following blog if you have a weak stomach or are easily offended by bathroom humor or graphic sexual depictions.

To anyone not familiar with Wikipedia, it is a online encyclopedia that has its information filled out by internet users. Although not usually supported as a reliable source for citing for that same reason, it is a great resource for information you would normally have to scour the shadowy underbelly of the internet for.

Ponyo on the Cliff

I was researching possible summer movies and found a new trailer for a brand new animated movie by Hayao Miyazaki. If you are a fan of animation and have not yet experienced this directors great work I enthusiastically recommend them. Great original stories and animation that is not like the cookie-cutter American Disney down syndrome drivel we are forced to enjoy here in the states. (If you watch only one, I recommend Princess Mononoke.)

Princess Mononoke
(I couldn't get the controls to show up, for now, click on the image and hit your space bar to play the preview.)

So anyway, near the end of the preview for this new movie, which doesn't look all that good so far, one of the characters says something that sounded like, "Pokémon Skeet!" The thread where I found the preview was full of people just joking about the term. I was familiar with its use but not its definition. I never bothered to research it.

Now I had heard of skeet shooting. After all I do own Duck Hunt on the original NES. If you don't know, that is where these frisbee-plate like targets are shot away from you with a catapult and you try to shoot the moving target down with a rifle. A difficult thing to do.

I figured I had better research this topic now so I could be in the loop and I won't be confused or miss out on any good jokes. The Wikipedia administrators are pretty good about moderating the site so I knew I wouldn't see any offensive pictures on their site. I searched for skeet and following are the results.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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The term skeet may refer to:

* A clay target
* Skeet shooting
* The Olympic Skeet event
* Skeet Ulrich, an American actor
* Skeet surfing
* CBU-97 Sensor Fuzed Weapon ammunition
* Term used in Newfoundland English to describe a low class, disruptive person
* Term used in Manx English or Anglo Manx to describe news or gossip
* A non-standard poker hand consisting of a deuce, five, nine and a card in between 2-5 and 5-9
* Slang for cocaine
* Slang for coitus interruptus
* Slang term for semen

AHA! I had an idea, but now it was clear without even clicking on any of the result details. There was no way I was going to click on semen so I clicked on cocaine. That didn't fit the jokes at all so I checked coitus interruptus. That was a LOT more detail then I wanted to hear so I skipped through some of the more detailed descriptions and went straight through to a section titled Advantages. Advantages? I had to read that.

The advantage of coitus interruptus is that it can be used by people who have objections to or do not have access to other forms of contraception. (Some men prefer it so they can avoid possible adverse effects of hormonal contraceptives on their partners.[12]) Some women also prefer this method over hormonal contraception to avoid adverse effects such as depression, mood swings, vaginal dryness, decreased libido, and headaches, among others. It has no monetary cost, requires no artificial devices, has no physical side effects, and can be practiced without a prescription or medical consultation.

My immaturity gene kicked on and quickly added the following; "Plus it can be loads of fun if done/aimed properly."

I wonder if such a small, insignificant entry will be allowed?

Coitus Interruptus

I just returned to the site and it looks like it was already removed. *Sigh. Why so serious?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Barack Osama?

I have a difficult name. But if I had a name that sounded anything remotely like the countries current greatest enemy, I would be concerned. But to run for president? Wow. Gutsy.


3X Thursday

1. What are your favorite kinds of plant life (plants, flowers, etc)? Why?
Ferns and palm tree's. They look so fresh. I don't like flowers with pollen and disgusting insect like features. I like smooth, fruit texture like rain forest jungle type plants. AND Pine trees. I love pine trees on a windy day in the mountains. As my Godson called them, "The water in the sky."

2. Do you associate any memories with certain things (flowers, objects, etc)? Any you'd care to share?Very frequently. Cheeseburger's with my other Godson. It was a marching song, diaper toddler trip to lunch while I was taking care of him for my cousin while I was going to college. Certain cologne's with different era's of my youth. Certain shampoo's with certain old friends.

3. By what method do you keep track of your memories (blogs, scrapbooks, etc)? If you don't do anything to preserve your memories, how do you keep track of them? Does it matter to you?Photography. My memories mean EVERYTHING to me. If my photo's were destroyed or lost in some other catastrophe, I would be devastated. I am weak that way. I even keep photographs of bad memories. They are all a part of my life. I have pictures of people who have betrayed me and my family. Things were different then. I don't forgive them but that is no reason to erase that entire part of my life. I refuse to give them that much power.

Fucked Up Story of the Day

I read this story at the Time website.

The short of it is a 53 year old wife and mother named Carlene Balderrama, faxed a letter to her mortgage company. For some reason they were foreclosing on their home. In this fax she warned the mortgage company that by the time they foreclosed on their house, she would be dead.

She kept her promise by shooting herself with her husbands high powered rifle. The buyers arrived while the body was still in the house. But thats not the most fucked up part of the story.

Check this out. Carlene managed all the bills and her husband didn't even know about the foreclosure! She left a note for her 24 year old son and husband to take the life insurance and pay off the house.

I have yet to hear of an insurance company paying out on a suicide. Her death was in vein.

So don't complain about that loud talker in the cubicle next to you today. Some people out in the world are suffering terribly right now.

Monday, July 21, 2008

My September 11th Story

I would listen to a radio station called Star 98.7 out here in California. They had two clowns, Jamie White and Danny Bonaduce, who you could NEVER take seriously. That day however they were both deadly serious and it shocked me.


I was in the shower and could only listen to what they were reporting. If I remember correctly they thought it was just a high rise fire, which alone was a pretty terrifying idea in an urban area like New York City. I quickly finished my shower and turned on the television but I had a two and half hour commute to work so I had to leave.

My supervisor at the time was a real hard-ass with me so I covered for everyone else in my department while they sat there watching the news. I would get occasional peaks of what happened when people had televisions set up at their desks but I didn't really see much.


I heard it all on the radio on the drive to and from work. It was more terrifying that way.

I was intrigued and curious to find out more information about what occurred exactly and the terrors everyone was reporting on the radio but I didn't want to be morbid and search for internet videos.

Until recently.

It is one thing to hear about people falling from buildings, and its another entirely to see them falling helplessly. They chose to fall to their deaths than to be burned alive. Unbelievable.

I found one website with a good record of the media circulating at the time. I remember seeing the view from some news camera as the second plane collided into the World Trade Center. It was very close and just below the explosion. I never saw it again.


I am curious to know what your experiences were. Especially if you are a resident of another country. How did you feel? Did you care? Were you glad?

I am being serious, I hear so much hatred towards the U.S. I wonder sometimes if people just want us all to die sometimes.

What are your honest opinions and experiences?

Update: I found the transcripts from Flight 93. You have to use your imagination but it is still very moving. I also located a website hosting the audio file from the Airport.