Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fucked Up Story of the Day

I read this story at the Time website.

The short of it is a 53 year old wife and mother named Carlene Balderrama, faxed a letter to her mortgage company. For some reason they were foreclosing on their home. In this fax she warned the mortgage company that by the time they foreclosed on their house, she would be dead.

She kept her promise by shooting herself with her husbands high powered rifle. The buyers arrived while the body was still in the house. But thats not the most fucked up part of the story.

Check this out. Carlene managed all the bills and her husband didn't even know about the foreclosure! She left a note for her 24 year old son and husband to take the life insurance and pay off the house.

I have yet to hear of an insurance company paying out on a suicide. Her death was in vein.

So don't complain about that loud talker in the cubicle next to you today. Some people out in the world are suffering terribly right now.

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