Monday, December 5, 2011

[Edit Friends] (2-1-7) 47 Reads

(Update:  This one will only make sense if you had a classic MySpace profile.)

Current mood:mischievous I was going through my end of the month dust bunny sweep up and I got an idea.  A long time ago I wrote a blog requesting for people to post some comments that I can use in a real About Me section.

Thank you Wife and Sarah!  (The only two who submitted their truthful positive and negative descriptions of me.)

Well now I'm going to do a real Friend List.

I am going to post the names of the friends and acquaintances I have with a tiny little snippet about who they are and what they mean to me.

Are you nervous?  

  • Jenny Girl First of all - you are so damn witty and clever.  (And you can quote me on that!)
    I love what you said about me... "Friend-in-law, MySpace acquaintance and regular blogger."  Friend-in-law... now that is wit and clever at the top of the game!
    If you believe in Astrology, Virgo's ruling planet is Mercury - God of Communication, and I think your ability to command communication through the art of writing is brilliant. Sincerely. You're a great writer and I enjoy everything you post.
    You seem very much grounded, balanced and aware.  I like that.  Not to mention, you're lucky in love with a great gal... who could ask for much more.
    - Jenny Girl, your friend-in-law

  • Bring me water, aww.. thanks for mentioning me!
  • witchy woman So I was thinking, honest, caring, cute , good old school friend, whatever you post about me, I have faith that it will be just fine. I am not worried, you are a good guy.
    • HektikLyfe I posted it on the front page right below the About Me: section so you can check it out now.
      4 years ago

    Apple Something LOL@Blunt.  Its funny that that is the only word you used to describe me as a person.  Thanks!
    • Apple Something I was 99% kidding.  Don't take that 1% to heart. 
      And hey, the idea to do that on your page is a great one. 
      4 years ago

      HektikLyfe Awww hey I hope you're at least a little kidding.  I spent so much time in the formatting of the table I tried to keep the text short and sweet.  In one of the twenty attempts to send out a bulletin (freakin' MySpace) I had stated that I was going to add more later.  I wanted to get it finished and posted.  I wanted to do a who they are column and what they mean to me but I couldn't get three columns to fit in the limited space so they kind of melded into one.

      Blunt is NOT the only word t
  • Where are you posting the details?