Thursday, July 5, 2012

Magnetic Wallpaper

I don't usually post things like this but I thought it was so awesome that I should share.  If you all like it and I get a significant amount of views, perhaps I will post more.

Magnetic wallpaper!  I could DEFINITELY see this as convenient for people who like to change their rooms around.  Children's rooms could also benefit.  No more posting paperwork on the fridge!  Keep it in the kids room!  I would find it personally convenient for the home office as well.  At work we have the cubicles we can pin things too.  Having this sort of solution at home is nicer to look at.

Unfortunately its currently priced at $133 for a 16 foot roll but if this becomes popular and available by multiple manufacturers it would be great.  Perhaps a small strip of it would be magnetic to reduce price.

Here is a link to the wallpaper.