Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Curious Case of the American National Pride Endemic

The United States has what I feel is one true ally that it can rely on. England.

Yet for some reason the entire country celebrates each and every year our independence from them.

Sure they were taxing the US at ridiculous rates but isn't our own government doing that to us now? Aren't we still paying millions for Washington's retirement wages, overpriced toilet seats and elevator button pushers? Aren't the telephone companies charging us for ridiculously outdated "long distance" and "SMS" data fee's?

Where's our Tea Party?

I'll tell you where conspiracy theorists...

Its hidden in plain site behind the distractions of media coverage of celebrity lifestyles and exploding fireworks.

The war, the bee's,
financial crisis and disease,
I believe are all distractions
designed to keep us living on our knees.

I don't think our citizenship has the drive or willpower for it but if a revolution ever comes, will you have the strength to die on your feet? I'm not completely sure I do or how I feel about that.

Many of us plead for freedom and independence and protest against the military. The military super power we have all paid for has made us soft as a people. We developed a hard shell so when a few needles break through, they cause incredibly hemorrhaging damage. (9/11)

I hope you have a pleasant independence day and don't forget to thank your local Brit and let bygones be bygones.

(P.S. Ignore the Read More link. There is no more. I don't know why it is there today.)


Iris said...

I wonder if anyone will comment on this one before the 4th. I am just like this O___O ummm

Douglas said...

Well, there are some TEA Parties going on now. Started on April 15th, as I recall. The "TEA" standing for "Taxed Enough Already". We weren't, back in the 1700's, protesting exorbitant taxes (which they also were) but taxes imposed without representation in Parliament. Now we allegedly have representation so supposedly the taxes we have are levied with our permission. The British were not our allies much prior to the First World War. But they are staunch (mostly) allies since. And I do appreciate them.

HektikLyfe said...

Do you think an American History day would serve a better purpose? One where we celebrate American History and all the cultures that comprise the citizenry we see today? Celebrating not so much our independence but our unity?

Would that work? Perhaps A Global Holiday?