Friday, July 31, 2009

Cell Phone Quick Tips

Don't have visual voice mail yet?

Did you know that all that precious time you waste waiting for the robot to ask you if you are sure that you want to delete your voice mail is there intentionally to make you pay more money? Know which button is which? Turn it off, save some cash.


1. Call your voicemail
2. At the menu, press 3 for personal options
3. Press 2 for greeting
4. Press 1 to change the greeting
5. To enable / disable the instructions, press 3


1. Call your voicemail
2. Go to personal options
3. Go to administrative options
4. Select "cut through paging"
5. Select off


1. Personal options
2. Administrative options
3. General options
4. Then you will have these three options:
* Auto Play On or Off
* Call Back Number Prompt On or Off
* Rapid Prompt or Standard Prompt

If you were real smart you would opt out of SMS/Text messaging altogether.

SMS has a word limit (160) and you are charged money for sending an SMS.
E-mail has always been free of cost and is more economical and without any word or image limit.

Highway robbery. Your beloved cellular service provider is charging you 4X the amount per byte that it costs to receive data from the Hubble Telescope! FOR NO EFFIN' REASON!


Have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous post-reminds me...I need to shut off my voicemail. It's not like I actually check it.

ryan said...

everyone in korea text messages constantly. in fact, you are more likely to get a text message than a call. it's because it's so cheap. the price is around 2 cents per message. that's 50 messages for a dollar. and you don't pay if you are receiving the text, only if you send it. same goes for calls. you only pay if you are the one calling. and not many people use voice mail because you can simply send a text. another thing... cell phone batteries seem to last a million years longer here.

Douglas said...

Want to really save on cell phone costs?

Shut off the cell phone. Turn it on only when you wish to make a call out. Do not give out your cell phone to anyone except those you know will not leave you voice mail.

My cellphone costs about $10 per month ($100 per year for 400 minutes). I do not disturb people in restaurants with my conversations, I do not wander across lanes in traffic, I do not interrupt conversations to answer my cellphone.

cellphone = electronic leash.

Iris said...

Thanks so much. This is extremely helpful. I have been referring people I know would find this useful, to this information.

And Douglas, that doesn't work for my lifestyle :D I need to have my phone on. I use it for other things too.
But glad it works for you.

HektikLyfe said...

>Rebecca: That's one cool new thing about smart phones. They automatically download your voice mails so you can listen to them locally without any additional service fee. Unless you're with Verizon which charges you a service fee for that. XS

>Ryan: I've seen prices range from 15 cents to a quarter depending on the service provider. ...That and they charge both ways. Even for their phone calls. So if I send a text message to my wife in the same family plan, I am charged twice. One for sending the text message and one for receiving it. Can't explain the battery thing. Perhaps recyclable material policies en force?

>Douglas: I see what you are saying but then there would be no point to having a cell phone. Might as well use a payphone. Everyone I even call gets my # on their caller ID. I would have to pay the cell phone companies MORE money to have it blocked. I don't mind the calls, I have plenty of minutes to cover them. The useless text messages annoy me.

My cell phone is connected with my car so it comes through the console. I am rarely in touch with people in person. Other than my wife so that leash is more like a lifeline. That much more important that I keep only the important things on that lifeline.

>Iris: There is also that. Food, traffic, news, entertainment...

Calming Scents said...

I hate all phone,landlines and cell's. I need both right now. Once I'm done working in the job i'm in, cell phone will be gone. while i agree it can be a "leash", its also an ugly necessity.

as for tips on saving--we have U.S. Cellular and wouldnt even begin to know how to save anything. I just know it use it only when I have to.

Anonymous said...

wow this is a great blog, really helpful!! i hate getting voicemails, only really need it at the moment as Im looking for work but otherwise its a pain.

noticed the toothpaste in my face coz fernando pointed it the end of the day....

HektikLyfe said...

>Calming Scents: Isn't that the truth? Cell Telephone companies are quickly becoming more hated than your average dentist.

>Vivienne: You've got some tough skin. I put it on and within a few seconds my skin had reddened from the chemical burn.